Monday, July 06, 2015

...the gang's all here-o!

This morning, DC announces a bunch of new miniseries, updating 'classic characters'.

In 2016, DC will launch Swamp ThingMetal MenRavenFirestormKatana: Cult of the KobraMetamorpho and Sugar & Spike. Some of the series will be written by the characters' original creators

Now, there's a lot I could talk about here...
but this is the only thing I WILL talk about:

Not Katana.  As dumb as that character is, it's clear they aren't going to leave her be, so contextualizing her with Kobra (and even dumber character of the same type) makes some sense.  

No, not Katana. 

That THING above her.  Which can only be:


Hated, horrible Halo.

I can't WAIT.