Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Things That Made Me Happy

... in my comics this week.

When I first read "Orm's sister", I thought, "Well, she's just been introducted to produce dramatic tension.  I don't think she's going to be any real trouble."  Then I read her NAME.  Oh, yeah; that's trouble.

Finally, a sensible reason why the Fortress of Solitude is where it is.

"I'm a work in progress."  See? This is why people love Barry Allen.  Try to imagine Batman or Superman or Wonder Woman saying, "I'm a work in progress."  Wonder Woman would just say, "I'm progress!"  Superman would just say,  "Excuse me, I'm working."  Batman would--well, Batman would just walk away.  Or gas you.

"Oofta."  Heh, apparently Jimmy actually IS scandanavian.
Scavenger.  Oh, I could have told you THAT last month.

Hey, it's Go-Go Gomez! BWAHAHAHAHA!

"No."  Look, you can call Superman boring all you want.  He's still got Golden Age-style, anti-authoritarian balls of steel, and that's alright in my book.

Orion likes Earth.  Somehow, that actually makes a difference to me. Plus, he knows that the New Gods are boring.

It occurs to me that Flash is the (potentially) perfect intersection of Batman (detective with colorful rogues gallery in an urban environment) and Superman (god-like powers but lowly secret ID and gobs of humility).
Hector Hammond.  I'm like the NewDCU more and more.

Speaking of anti-authoritarian balls of steel, I love how I-am-very-ready-to-kick-your-ass Mera was talked down off the ledge of violence by a sensible, normal woman.

Superman's showdown with Congress.  Yes; that is almost exactly what would happen. So seldom do comics get politics right or even remotely realistic, that I must praise them when they do.  Congress would not go, "Oh, how lovely; Superman has a country cottage!  I hope Lois Lane does a story on it and all its wonders at some point."  Congress would definitely go, "Uh, so you built a FORTRESS filled with world-threatening weapons and dangerous substances and creatures? Can we discuss this?"

Oh, I am SURE Iris has been touched by the speed force, which is how she can go from zero to MEAN in under 15 seconds.

"Caesar knows." You're a good Roman, Perry.

The Outlanders. More real-politik,  indeed!

Hey, Superman; next time, try just unplugging the thing.  It's what anyone without heat vision would have done.


r duncan said...

Orion always liked Earth. That was his major motivation back when Kirby created him. Remember O'Ryan's gang?

Bryan L said...

I always thought Supes had his fortress in the Arctic because he wanted to keep out the riff-raff, so they wouldn't be touching his Kryptonian stuff. Same with the big honking key.

That said, it does make sense that the world governments would object.

My question is, is the Fortress floating? Because there's no "unclaimed" land there to put stuff on. I always thought Supes should relocate to Antarctica.

SallyP said...

Well, the next time a comet is about to obliterate Washington, I guess they can fix it WITHOUT Superman's help! Probably next Thursday.

Sheesh! Let the poor guy have some privacy already.

Steve Mitchell said...

Or possibly the Fortress of Solitude was placed in the Arctic because DC stole the whole idea from Doc Savage?

Bryan L said...

Sally, they'll just call Martian Manhunter. He's got extensive experience with falling EVERYTHING.

Doc Savage said...

Clark Savage = Clark Kent
Man of Bronze = Man of Steel
Fortress of Solitude = Fortress of Solitude

Sheer coincidence!