Thursday, March 21, 2013

Things That Made Me Happy... my comics this week.
I appreciate that in his writing of the Flash character in Justice League, Geoff Johns is trying to split the difference between Barry’s and Wally’s personalities.  It’s not working, but I appreciate the effort nonetheless.
So glad to learn that Element Woman isn’t Urania Blackwell, because, thanks to Neil Gaiman, it’s impossible to read the name “Urania Blackwell” without feeling sad.
Brimstone.  Heh.  Given his original MacGuffin role in Legends many years ago, his on-going status as a shorthand for “off-camera generic monster attacking city” brings a wry smile to my face.
Dang.  Azzarello is going to make me LIKE Orion, isn’t he?  Well done.
The repeated dialog in JLA and Vibe.  Some might call it redundant.  I call it “continuity”.
Ladies and gentlemen, we have confirmed that Human Flying Fish does exist in New52 continuity.  Let the celebrations commence!
Tharok is pretty much single-handedly destroying the United Planets.  THEN, he wakes up the Promethean Giants. And the rest of the Fatal Five hasn’t even started to make trouble. I love the fact that they are even MORE terrifying now than they were when I was a child.
Love that Platinum’s design is a shout-out to Robot Maria.
And that is why Prof Ivo is one of the Justice League’s greatest enemies.
“It’ll be fun” is not a reason Batman does things.
Now THAT is a legitimate reason to slap Wonder Woman in the ass.
The sharks, Vixen, and the ducks.
You know, of all the people I’d allow to play with giant gurgling vats of molten metal, crackpot genius Will Magnus is not on the list.
“I still vote ‘no’.”  Barry Allen can be funny; just not intentionally.
This person is a LOT more interesting than Cindy Reynolds.
I really want an Evil Android Batman in the next Heroclix set.
The fact that the design of the last page of Batwoman is such a dramatic contrast that it hits you like a pie in the face.
If reading the word “responsometer” doesn’t make you smile a little, then you probably shouldn’t be reading DC comics.
So, I guess Nightwing doesn’t really read his evites; or is really stupid.  He’s that guy who unlocks his pics for you on-line and when you ask whether he’s read your profile, he says, “No, why?”
Black Lightning + Blue Devil = bromance.
“One” and “B”.
Oh, I am SO sure Zatanna is happy to be ‘on call’ for Superman anytime. Yeesh, Z; Wonder Woman is RIGHT THERE IN THE ROOM!
So, I guess Maggie said ‘yes’, huh?
“Did you hear that, Aquaman?”  Aquaman is Superman’s closest equal in the League, since he’s basically the Golden Age Superman with added aqua-powers.
“While I’m in there, you want me to fix anything?”  BWAHAHAHA, I love you, J’onn J’onnz, particularly now that you’re being written exactly as creepy and crazy as I’ve always pictured you.
Dang.  Johns is going to make me LIKE Catwoman, isn’t he?  Well done.
Is it just me or it is intentionally hilarious that “It’s so nice to be around professionals for once” is said by someone wearing fishnet to someone wearing fishnet?
But the sad part is: you just know that face is going to fall off at some point.
Hawkman + Vibe = comedy gold.
“What kind of dogs were they?” See, now THAT is Barry Allen.
Hot, hot Vixen-on-Platinum action is definitely a fetish for someone.  Possibly everyone.
“Have a nice day” + skull/n/bones = I love villains who ACT like villains!


SallyP said...

there were some nice moments!
I'm glad that I wasn't the only one that enjoyed Vibe and Hawkman's interaction.

And yes, J'onn is being pretty fabulous.

Scipio said...

I almost expected Steve to say, "Green Arrow? Oh, we don't have time for THAT."

Bryan L said...

Honestly, you can't go wrong with evil android duplicates of anyone.

Scipio said...

Agreed, Bryan. We need Evil Android Duplicates of each of the Justice Leaguers, with some sort o Ivo-related minion power.

Anonymous said...

Things that make me happy:

Reading things that make Scipio happy

– Jack of Spades