Monday, March 12, 2012

Haikuesday with the Trickster

Poor James Jesse.

Is he a victim of the reboot? It's unclear; he's not been mentioned as one of "Captain Cold's gang of rogues", but the presence of Axel Whathisface in the Flash certainly means that James Jesse is not currently operating as the Trickster. Yet he must have; how else would Axel have "inherited" the title and the gadgets?

Is James Jesse dead? Or reformed? Or still in prison?

Really. How do you deal with a crook who might very well be giving you money, rather than taking it?

Jesse occupied a unique place among the Rogues as the unpredictable wacko, and its not a role you can pass to another one of them. Meanwhile, Axel's pretty weak sauce; is Geoff Johns preparing for the original Trickster to make a dramatic comeback at some point?

Because there is no way that little punk Axel could make a getaway on soap bubbles...

WHILE haikuing about it.


They are made of a
special type of soap which will
hold you, as you say.

What haiku can you compose in praise of James "The Trickster" Jesse?


Bryan L said...

Running through the sky
And laughing maniacally
Who picked out those clothes?

Nathan Hall said...

My bubbles are made
From pretty weak sauce; Geoff Johns
Couldn't make this good.

r duncan said...

Unlike Scipio,
I never liked the Trickster...
And now I still don't.

TheStrawMan said...

A rubber dummy
"Look in safe for your money"
He's no Ed Nigma

Scipio said...

LMAO, I'm under attack from the League of Trickster-Haters!

Justin S. Davis said...

Mad props to Trickster.
He single-handedly beat
Neron not once...twice!!!

Nathan Hall said...

What haiku can I
compose in praise of James "The
Tricker" Jesse? THIS!

Scipio said...

Heh; nice one.