Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Penitentiary Haiku

You are not Bruce Wayne.

And you know why you aren't Bruce Wayne?

It's not because you're not a polybillionaire. Or an Olympic-level athlete and the world's greatest fighter. Or the world's greatest detective or multidisciplinary scientific genius .


You are not Bruce Wayne because of this.

If you were falsely imprisoned for murder, and the only person who could prove your innocence was, well, you, you would whine and cry and sob.

And most certainly you would not casually express your situation ...

in haiku.

I've got to prove I'm
innocent--what's that noise there?
The stone--sliding out--

What haiku can you compose to celebrate the coolness that is haiku-spouting Prisoner Wayne?


Andrew said...
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Andrew said...

Bruce Wayne's guest post at
lifehacker.com? Four words:
"Watch your parents die."

r duncan said...

Ah, haiku tuesday. So good to have you back, man.

Sleestak said...

Welcome back. The internet has become a little less dark.

Diamondrock said...

Could it be a Dream?
Imaginary story?
Welcome back, old chum.

plok said...

Each new locked room is
An opportunity for

plok said...

Actually, I goofed that up, I think. Maybe better:

"Each locked room is a
New opportunity for

There. Don't know why that was bugging me, but it was.