Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Anguished Eye Turns Inward

Even in her own memories,



SallyP said...

Good God, what is it that she's feeding him? Rocks or raw carrots? At least he's not slurping.

But if he's only eating what she gave him, I think that Iris has to accept some of the blame for this little contretemps.

Scipio said...

It's probably her groovy recipe for Crunchberries cereal.

Can you imagine yourself saying, to anyone, let alone the person you are supposed to love, "Stop CHEWING so loudly, because I'm reading my OWN writing in a story I wouldnt have gotten without you in the first place??"

Iris Allen is her own special kind of JUST PLAIN MEAN.

Bruce said...

THIS!! explains how Barry Allen was trapped in the Kingdom Universe JUSTICE series, slurping up his nanorobots, annoying the other diners there at his fancy schmancy restaurant.

So when Barry goes out to save the world, indeed the infinite multiverses, he remembers sweet mild Iris waiting for him back home.

H said...

At least Iris made Barry a meal. Jean would only let Ray have the crumbs when she was finished her meal.

Scipio said...

Big bowls of CRAZY don't leave no crumbs, H.