Thursday, February 19, 2009

About time...!


This May, DC Comics will debut its first-ever all-new title for Free Comic Book Day: BLACKEST NIGHT #0, the prelude to “Blackest Night,” the biggest comics event of 2009!

Featuring a story by writer Geoff Johns, BLACKEST NIGHT #0 is illustrated by top art teams Ivan Reis & Oclair Albert and Doug Mahnke & Christian Alamy. The issue also features an introductory text page by Johns that sets the stage for new readers and a cover by Ivan Reis.

The issue includes a lead story that leads directly into BLACKEST NIGHT #1, as well as a special guide to the various Corps that have recently emerged as forces in the world of GREEN LANTERN.

BLACKEST NIGHT #0 (JAN090005) is solicited in the January Previews. It is scheduled to arrive in stores on May 2 and has a Final Order Cutoff date of February 26.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Things That Made Me Happy

in my comics this week.

  • Acts-of-villains riders.
  • Well, as unlikely as it may seem, the Outsiders has officially become interesting.
  • Really, don't you think Gizmo should have replaced his glasses by now? Or at least his eye? Does he not have an image consultant?
  • Heh. Calling him "Carl".
  • Talking bombs. With shark faces. I love comics.
  • Hm. Barbara Gordon... Red Lantern...?
  • She's a Major? ROTFL!
  • THAT is the perfect title for the last issue of Robin. Nice one.
  • "Psyche!"
  • Wait is that... a giant bullet-shaped cenotaph? Instant classic.
  • Robin beats Shiva. Pure brilliance. That is why I love Tim Drake.
  • Heh. Calling him "a transformative figure".
  • That's the first explanation of the Outsiders that has every made sense to me.
  • Not at ALL something I expected to find out about Superwoman. Psyche, indeed.
  • Geo-Force working for a servant. Delicious!
  • DC really needs to start selling notebooks with that black hand symbol on them.
  • Roy Raymond, Jr. I am nonplussed. In a good way.
  • Batman and Rocket totally need to go out.
  • I assume that kissing him is pretty much like eating a mud pie.
  • Okay. Metamorpho is officially really creepy now.
  • Huh. Don't you think that she, of all people, would be a bit more freaked about getting a doll in the mail?
  • Now that is the way to quit your job. On live teevee.
  • Ryan is right; it is Nekron, isn't it?
  • Roy's "Marsh Marsha Marsha" moment.
  • Hm... Halo's possible role in the Blackest Night? Interesting. Yeah... I just said "Halo interesting".

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Fill in the Blank

Shamelessly stolen from Diamondrock's recent post on Title Undetermined.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Pep 7: Beating Them to a Pulp

Among long-time Shield-fans, this cover is affectionately nicknamed

"#$&*! you, Doombots!"

Okay, I lie. Naturally, whoever drew this cover did it long before Dr. Doom was created and never saw him. But who can say for sure that Kirby didn't see this Shield cover and was inspired by it? Why, I wouldn't be surprised if this very cover were Kirby's inspiration for both Dr. Doom and Captain America. This, along with a bottle of gin and a five o'clock deadline. And the guy in the back in the orange, hitting the Shield with a broom? Obviously the inspiration for "The Witch of Metropolis" (Superman's Girlfriend, Lois Lane 77). Hix, hex, hox!

Anyway, whoever drew the Pep covers (I'm sure one of you all know who it was) was pretty clearly steeped in the pulp style. Just draw the Shield with a less garish costume, perhaps just jodhpurs or a trenchcoat, and you have a pulp coming to the rescue of that uncomfortable looking girl who appears to have mega-stapled to a nearby yellow submarine.

Still... isn't nice to a cover that has some actual action (well, action-detective-adventure, really) on it, rather than just the pose-y glam shots we get nowadays?