Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Things That Made Me Happy

in my comics this week.

A desk should hit Green Arrow every month.
Mon-El? Okay, I really didn't expect that. The Superman titles continue to intrigue!
"Barry Allen, CSI". Red bow-tie and all.
Where Dr. Langstrom may sit.
Merlyn? Too dangerous for Blackgate?! Well... it made ME laugh.
So I guess Barbara enjoys have a rolling timeline, huh?
"He's bald, you know. He should wear a hat."
The Cat. The honest to god Cat. Haven't see ya since the '40s. Good to see ya.
A new villain who's going to spend lots of time looking for a new stylist each month.
Kal-El's realistically complex relationship with the citizens of Kandor.
Okay, how bad is it when Ragdoll pities how crazy you are?
"It's crime fighting. The fight never ends."
Dick chooses to take the train.
The worst costume ever.
I laughed out loud at "love lift us up where we belong."
Ah! The Riddler gets some respectful portrayal! Thanks.
Visualizing Sean's loss. That's comics at work, people.
Kyle breaks the law.
The Justice League versus pirates.
Puddin' makes an appearance.
Aquaman versus the Justice League.
Of course Batman's in on the secret. Batman should always be in on the secret.
Spot the sea star.
Superman faces up to the truth about Krypton.
Kyle's painting project.
And, once again, I thank the artist for remembering that the penny is from 1947.
Another fine Lexcorp adult entertainment complex.
Aquaman teaches us about global warming.
One-handed barbell-lifting.
Wilson's spot of tea.
Winslow's birthday present.
Most symbolic paint spill ever.
Hm. Does that pennant mean Dick is a college grad now? Because that would be good.
Once again, Aquaman shows why he's the real leader of the Justice League.
Scar's developing into an interesting story-teller.
The perfect motto for a giant typewriter.
Secret Six's splash panel!
I'm still really amused by Mongul's detachable arm with the kung-fu grip.
Whoa. I guess staring at the sun can leave you blind.
Barbara's birthday gift.
It warmed my heart to see Harvey's car again. Joker's, too.
It took me a while to figure out what Alex was saying about her father. I really wish I hadn't.


Anonymous said...

- yellow lantern Imecsub's first name wouldn't happen to be Evets, would it?

- Maybe I've been watching to many MASH re-runs, but when I see Mongul say things like "You imbecilic miscreant" I'm hearing the voice of Major Charles Emerson Winchester. Go ahead and re-read his dialogue, with that in mind.

Scipio said...

Yes, I wondered about Imescub myself!

SallyP said...

Green Lantern Corps was so chockful of goodness this week, that I'm in sugar overload.

But yes, the rest of the books were good too.

Diamondrock said...

It's good to see that neither Tomasi nor Mongul subscribe to "decompression." One page is all it takes for Mongul to conquer a planet of whiny, xenophobic losers.

Over at Marvel it took the Skrulls seven issues to *fail* at the same task...

Patrick C said...

I still don't really get how Mongul's arm works! Are the rings keeping it "alive?" Why doesn't he just sew it back on or something? And he needs to start wearing an eyepatch! Not only because an eyehole is gross and unsanitary, but pirate Mongul would be awesome!

SallyP said...

Mongul's arm got ripped off, fighting the Green Lantern Corps a few issues back. The stolen yellow Sinestro Corps rings are apparently allowing him to use it in all sorts of imaginative ways.

Derek said...

"Ah! The Riddler gets some respectful portrayal! Thanks."

Yeah, I bought that issue to see what they were going to do with King Tut, but I'm going to continue buying them for the Riddler. Top notch characterization (even if I do prefer him as a "good" guy).

I need some help with these...
"The Cat. The honest to god Cat. Haven't see ya since the '40s. Good to see ya."
"Visualizing Sean's loss. That's comics at work, people."
"Another fine Lexcorp adult entertainment complex."
"One-handed barbell-lifting."
"Winslow's birthday present."
"Whoa. I guess staring at the sun can leave you blind."
"It took me a while to figure out what Alex was saying about her father. I really wish I hadn't."

I must have missed a LOT this week...

Patrick C said...

The Cat and One-Handed barbell-lifting were both from Batman. Alex talking about her father was from Secret Six.

I missed the other ones too!

Martin Gray said...

Winslow's present was in a James Robinson Action Comics story - Winslow being Mr Schott, the Toyman.

Baldwin said...

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