Thursday, February 12, 2009

Deep beneath Wayne Manor

This one I'm proud of. ..

Heroclix needs some love lately as the company that had the license and was making it got closed, and it's been shopping for a new daddy. My sources tell me prospects actually are good, but in the meantime, players are a little sad.

This should cheer them up!Oh, yeah. As Dick Grayson said, "the cave's not the cave without all the stuff."

Hindering terrain is provided by the three most identifiable trophies (the card, the penny, and the dinosaur), as well as other trophy cases, and an old bat-signal. The Batmobile awaits on an elevated platform, flanked by a bottomless pit; if a figure get knocked into it, it's out of the game!

The Batsub gives some water terrain for a visit from Aquaman and stalgmites/stalactites serves as blocking terrain (one of them is actual a rock arch, and you can walk through it). The giant floor map of Gotham makes me happy, and you can exit via the staircase or Alfred's service elevator. Perhaps a Wayne Manor map should be made to place adjacent, eh?

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Things That Made Me Happy

in my comics this week.

A desk should hit Green Arrow every month.
Mon-El? Okay, I really didn't expect that. The Superman titles continue to intrigue!
"Barry Allen, CSI". Red bow-tie and all.
Where Dr. Langstrom may sit.
Merlyn? Too dangerous for Blackgate?! Well... it made ME laugh.
So I guess Barbara enjoys have a rolling timeline, huh?
"He's bald, you know. He should wear a hat."
The Cat. The honest to god Cat. Haven't see ya since the '40s. Good to see ya.
A new villain who's going to spend lots of time looking for a new stylist each month.
Kal-El's realistically complex relationship with the citizens of Kandor.
Okay, how bad is it when Ragdoll pities how crazy you are?
"It's crime fighting. The fight never ends."
Dick chooses to take the train.
The worst costume ever.
I laughed out loud at "love lift us up where we belong."
Ah! The Riddler gets some respectful portrayal! Thanks.
Visualizing Sean's loss. That's comics at work, people.
Kyle breaks the law.
The Justice League versus pirates.
Puddin' makes an appearance.
Aquaman versus the Justice League.
Of course Batman's in on the secret. Batman should always be in on the secret.
Spot the sea star.
Superman faces up to the truth about Krypton.
Kyle's painting project.
And, once again, I thank the artist for remembering that the penny is from 1947.
Another fine Lexcorp adult entertainment complex.
Aquaman teaches us about global warming.
One-handed barbell-lifting.
Wilson's spot of tea.
Winslow's birthday present.
Most symbolic paint spill ever.
Hm. Does that pennant mean Dick is a college grad now? Because that would be good.
Once again, Aquaman shows why he's the real leader of the Justice League.
Scar's developing into an interesting story-teller.
The perfect motto for a giant typewriter.
Secret Six's splash panel!
I'm still really amused by Mongul's detachable arm with the kung-fu grip.
Whoa. I guess staring at the sun can leave you blind.
Barbara's birthday gift.
It warmed my heart to see Harvey's car again. Joker's, too.
It took me a while to figure out what Alex was saying about her father. I really wish I hadn't.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Legion of Super-Girlfriends

Everyone knows that Lois Lane used to be a selfish, irresponsible, nitwit. At least, that's how she was after the Silver Age hit 'er. As I've pointed out before, there's a big difference between

Golden Age Lois Lane ...

and Silver Age Lois Lane....
But there's no immediate point in rehashing Lo-Lo's well-known foibles. But the reintroduction of the two pillars of the Silver Age, Hal Jordan and Barry Allen, does prompt me to do a brief synopsis of the character of the other...

Girlfriends of the Silver Age
Sue Dibny,Brainless debutante;

Carol Ferris,
Ice queen;

Jean Loring,
Paranoid lunatic;

Shiera Hall,
Independent ass-kicker;

Vicki Vale,
Pointy-tata-ed, bondage-loving sexpot;

Iris West,
Vicious, emasculating witch


Sue Dibny,
Brainless debutante;

Carol Ferris,
Ice queen;

Jean Loring,
Dangerous lunatic;

Shiera Hall,
Pro-active ass-kicker;

Vicki Vale,
Phone-sexing, porn-loving sexpot;

Iris West,
Demeaning ballbuster

Recapping, that's...

Sue Dibny,
Brainless debutante;

Carole Ferris,
Ice queen;

Jean Loring,
Freakin' lunatic;

Shiera Hall,
Relentless ass-kicker;Vicki Vale,Finger-licking-bad sexpot;

Iris West,Spirit-crushing psycho-sadist.

And, for those who are still unbelievers...

Sue Dibny,
Brainless debutante;

Carol Ferris,
Ice queen;

Jean Loring,
Gibbering, slavering lunatic;

Shiera Hall,
Ready to kick your gorilla-dog's ass;

Vicki Vale,
Martini-guzzling, bunny-wannabe sexpot;

Iris West,
Just plain mean.

Monday, February 09, 2009

Pep 6: The Shield Schwings His Weapon

The key thing about this Pep cover?

It's not crypto-phallic. At all.

Now, if only that giant receptacle were sloshing out some yellowish liquid, we'd have a call-back to the ureatic cover of issue No. 2: "I'll just toss these Nordicans into that briny stream with this industrial silt scoop -- sorry for the dunking, boys!" Yeah, then we'd have something.

Still it has that lenticular 5D action we noted on an earlier cover. Keep your transquartomuralistic Kirby-punch covers, you dead-souled Marvelites who need a punch in the face in order to feel anything! We introspective Golden Agers like to lose ourselves in the endless recesses of Pep covers an its action detective adventure.