Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Things That Made Me Happy (Miami Edition)

It's Wednesday, but, trapped in the wilds of SoBe, I am comicless. Comicless, I say!

So, this is like one of those scenes where the sergeant or team leader or guy with a cape has been felled and gasps out to his colleagues, "Go... go on... without me!"

Therefore, the duty falls to YOU, the Absorbascommandos, to compose today's Things That Made Me Happy in the comments to this post. You know the drill; you know exactly the style of teasers that I give. You tease ME by telling me the things that made me happy in this week's comics... even if I haven't seen them yet!


SallyP said...

...But no pressure! Comics or no, I hope you have a nice Thanksgiving down there where it is warm.

Guys' Guy said...

oh man--and I have to miss this...I am away with no new comics either :(

Happy Thanksgiving Scipio

Anonymous said...

But how will I know the interesting moments of this week's comics without any context as to what comic I might find them in? Please, Scipio, illuminate us!

Jeff R. said...

Alfred's acting lessons.

Anonymous said...

You tease ME by telling me the things that made me happy in this week's comics... even if I haven't seen them yet!

Things that made me happy this week....

Scipio getting a taste of his own medicine.

Anonymous said...

I'll give it a try...

1. The Joker's bet.
2. Tom Tresser's nectarine pit.
3. Of course Cyclone smells like monkey.
4. Food. How nice.
5. Doctors Morrow and Minerva.
6. Batman trusting his allies to keep up.
7. The Pratt boys.

That's all I got, didn't get to Superman on lunch break...

Anonymous said...

You blinked.
I switched cups.
Force of Habit.

Nightwing. Nicely timed. You never let me down, did you?

We'll take care of retribution

Anonymous said...

The Wicked Witch of the West Wing.

Scipio said...

Wow; it IS both highly annoying yet highly entertaining, isn't it, LOL?

Anonymous said...

" 'I want you to know I understand', she said" "I think it was then"

Patrick C said...

Prankster DOES seem rather out of place, doesn't he?

Apparently leading a team of pre-teen newsboys doesn't look great on a resume.

One thousand years later, and we STILL have wardrobe malfunctions!

If there is one thing a super-hero does not like doing, it is being told to kneel!

rap said...

Do you have wheels? I can direct you some comics shoppes.

rap said...


Anonymous said...

Damage really is a prick, isn't he?

Peacemaker's problem making friends.

"You long-limbed sniveling little pretty-boy dilettante!"

How to violate the Joker.

Anonymous said...

1) "Me am happy!" ...actually was sad and sweet.

2) Wonder Woman and bondage..traditions continue.

3) If Dr. Morrow worries you've gone too far...then you've really gone too far.

Anonymous said...

4. The team name "Global Ultra-Society of Dread" may still be available.

5. "Two words: armored codpiece."

Anonymous said...

- The answer to "Is that thing worth more than your life?"
- Diana's diplomacy
- Pa's visitor
- Dr. Polaris has clearly read the "evil overlord list"...or he's an Ozymandias fan
- Sandy, Pieter and Hank's pain, Courtney's solution, Al's righteous anger, Grant's douchbaggery, Diana's and Clark's discussion, and Thom's new job.

How's that sir?

Jacob T. Levy said...

What really happened in that card game we've heard so much about.

The market value of a stack of Hellboy comics.

Atom-Smasher finally acting like he's learned some lessons and grown up.

Brainy's backup data storage.

Seeing Timber Wolf's comeuppance.


This is out of format, but it needs to be said. The end of Kingdom and the core developments of Superman were some pretty serious moments of, to quote "Civil War in 30 Seconds," "Didn't see *that* one coming."

Jacob T. Levy said...

Two different sets of villains learning an important lesson about the Joker.

Diamondrock said...

-Jim Harper's job interview.

-The Secret Identity of Atlas!

-El Diablo Rojo.

-No one knows Batman like the Joker.

Anonymous said...

...Kryptonian marital strife. Scoff if you will, but behind every cute teenage blonde in a short skirt stands a mother like Alura.

..."Enough already now!" Come on, haven't YOU always wanted to say that to a hulking soldier obsessed with honor?

...To those that are thinking Talia was a little over the top-- remember, this is the woman that married Bruce Wayne WHILE HE WAS UNCONSCIOUS. She's got some entitlement issues.

Anonymous said...

Gog drops the other shoe...

Derek said...

"Never take your eyes of the Paco!"

Anonymous said...

Now we're going to teach you my way!

Unknown Geek said...

3 appearances by Thundra this week and each one conveniently forgot she is the consort of Arkon and not the man-hating, possible lesbian Femoizon.

Max said...

Is it too late for this?

Anyway, here's one from me:

Midget/baby Etrigan.

Anonymous said...

Sweet Spider Love: Perhaps not as fulfilling as Sweet Octopus Love, but any eight-limbed invertebrate in a storm, eh?

Anonymous said...

This is a bit late, but I was computerless for the holiday:

1. Alfred is unflinchingly loyal--he rushes to Bruce's aid, even though he has to ride with Damien.

2. They both need a friend; Peacemaker should totally take Bizarro Superman out for that beer.

3. The Joker's smile makeover.

4. Damien's question to Alfred.

5. Sun Boy is back! Just in time to get cancelled. . . .

6. No more sewing for me--I can fix the holes in my jeans just by getting the crap beat out of me!

7. Brainiac gets snippy over his guest list.

8. "Did you know that a hydrogen atom can hold a megabyte of data?" Of COURSE it can, Lyle.