Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I Can Still Feel Their Corruscating Auras of Powers...!

Miami may not have any real comic book characters, but it's not without real live comic book characters.

In fact, they made rather a splash here last December, thanks to The Superheroes Project, which, as far as I can tell, exists to do crazy PR stunts to raise awareness of particular artists and comics in general. Bully for them!

This hotel is around the corner from mine. I guess it's a *snort* Marvel establishment.

It's not every day you see someone dresser as Dazzler. More's the pity.

The Project Superhero folks really seem to get into it (or seemed to -- I don't get a sense of any activity since they hit Miami one year ago).

Should things like this go on MORE or LESS? When does fashionable pop-culture fun become tragically public cos-play, or vice versa? And, I am very very sad I wasn't here last year at this exact time, or very very sad?


Noah said...

Excuse me, but Mario is in no way a Marvel character. Is this another dumb crossover, or has Marvel decided to imitate DC's most recent videogame foray by releasing Super Mario Bros. vs. Marvel Universe?

SallyP said...

Capes are a fabulous fashion accessory, and frankly I'm sorry that they have gone out of style. Imagine how much could be accomplished at various political meetings if everyone showed up in spandex and a cape.

Anonymous said...

[i]It's not every day you see someone dresser as Dazzler. More's the pity.[/i]

There was a Dazzler at Dragon*Con this year. Disco Silver-Suit Dazzler, not 80's Jem headband Dazzler. She wasn't wearing rollerskates, though.

Anonymous said...

does anyone else have the urge to write she-hulk thor fan-fic now? there should be more people feeling they can express their individuality by pretending to be the product of the imagination of another.
they look like they're having fun and they aren't hurting anyone.