Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Things That Made Me Happy my comics this week.

  • Okay, now, THAT is rough sex. Even for Jonah Hex.
  • "I keep mine in my locker."
  • Flashbacks should always be in sepia tones.
  • At the risk of sounding stupid... I love the lettering in Spider-Man. Yes, really.
  • Well, all of the characters I might expect to see in a man/man/woman threesome, he wasn't high on the list.
  • "When he said my part involved terrorizing a disturbed child, I tuned out everything else."
  • I think that's the first man to man liplock I've seen in a comic book. Er, I mean, a mainstream comic book.
  • So, if we see Two-Face loading two guns in the second act, does that mean he has to fire them in the fourth?
  • My gods, are they actually starting to make Hush... work? For ME? The world is ending.
  • Carol's father.
  • You know, I have no earthly idea who James Peaty is. But, I'll tell you this, he's a good writer and he's completely turned Supergirl around in one issue, and you deserve to start reading it now.
  • Peyton Riley? Nice. Very very nice. Dini's still got it.
  • I think Alfred reads Polite Dissent... .
  • The Secret Six give the tackiest gift ever.
  • From now on, I'm having apple pie for dessert as least once a week. Probably on Saturday.
  • Speaking of dessert... Cat-Man serving ice cream.
  • The Spider-Man splash page continues to prove: Wally Wood was right, that panel does always work.
  • What's that, Todd? You want me to tell everyone to buy the comic with you, kissing, in it? Yes, Todd; I will tell everyone to buy that comic.
  • Far as I can tell, the anti-matter Utah is the same as ours.
  • Bane says: "Love is complicated."
  • Jonah Hex using a napkin.
  • "Berating you is my job, not yours."
  • I always thought Catwoman was heartless, but not that heartless.


argh.sims said...

Wow, is the District of Columbia in Canada now? ;-)

Patrick C said...

No fair! We have to wait until tomorrow!

Jack Norris said...

We have Labour Day in Canada as well (even if it's spelt differently) and have to wait the extra day as well. I too wonder how he read ahead of everyone else...

Baal said...

I assume the man kiss is a reference to Manhunter? Seems I have a scan I made somewhere of Damon and Todd making out from an earlier issue so this would not be a first even if I'm wrong about who kisses who.

BTW, have I mentioned I hate blind items?

Scipio said...

Really? I love them. They make people curious enough to comment, or maybe even talk to their local comic book shop about it!

Scipio said...

In fact, it's not a problem with the post; it's the point of the post.

Anonymous said...

I'd have to say that reading "things that made me happy" has led me to some really great things I might not otherwise have found. It's fun to guess where some of the things have come from, or to stumble across them if you can't guess. If I really can't find one of them, I can always ask.With so much negative on the 'net, It's just nice to find some good, positive comments about anything. Thanks!

SallyP said...

As always, Scipio, you intrigue me.

Marcos said...

Where did Hush show up this week? The only new Bat-titles my FLCS had were Nightwing and The Batman Strikes...

Scipio said...

Hush is the special guest-villain in the current arc of Detective Comics.

Jacob T. Levy said...

Hm. Canadian Labour Day didn't disrupt my Montreal comics shop's schedule; got 'em yesterday.

That really was a hell of a birthday present.

dannyagogo said...

Speaking of dessert: Cat Man period. Grooowrrr!

We got our comics here in Ottawa yesterday.

I love the blind items when I can identify them. I am thoroughly confused by the M/M/F threesome reference...

Guys' Guy said...

Please please tell me Catman is serving ice cream off his bare chest...please!

Oh and I do love your Things that Made Me Happy...blind items or not...I look forward to them.

Which brings me to "Well, all of the characters I might expect to see in a man/man/woman threesome, he wasn't high on the list." What book is this in reference too...I'm in a tizzy!

Riddering said...

I know that of all the titles I want to see some sexy action in (Nightwing, Secret Six, Manhunter, Green Lantern...) that it will end being featured in Spider-Man or some other title I don't buy.

Still, this list is getting me to the comic store tonight instead of putting it off until next week like I planned. Scipio, you are a scourge to wallets across the internet!

Scipio said...

The M/M/W situation is in...

drum roll ---

Jonah Hex.

Guys' Guy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Guys' Guy said...

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...speechless...well not really, that would be a miracle to be speechless...more like shocked and in that case agree with you. It's not high on my list either...actually never made my list.

Beastboy/Red Arrow/female
Nightwing/Red Arrow/female

Now that...that I would call off work for and be the first at the comic book store when it opened! ha-ha! Who am I kidding...the female never made my list either.

Riddering said...

So when I read that solicit and chuckled over the wording, I wasn't wrong?

And this is the issue drawn by J.H. Williams III?

*sigh* I really hope there's a copy left on the shelf by the time I get to the store.

Guys' Guy said...

Not sure I really want to see it...but I may take a gander at Jonah Hex in the store before I leave ;)

Anonymous said...

I like the posts with blind references. When it's a week where I've bought a lot of books, it's fun to match Scipio's remark to the book and it makes me feel like a more active participant. Sometimes it takes me a few seconds, and I experience one of those "oh, I get it" moments which adds to the amusement.

I prefer to read my comics before reading this feature, but some folks have mentioned that they like to read Scipio's remarks ahead of time to tantalize them.

The money is tight this week, so I only bought the new issue of Tor, but I still have fun finding out what I've missed so I can pick up the back issues later if my interest is piqued.

-Citizen Scribbler

Anonymous said...

Just found out (at the isb) that "Teenagers From The Future" is now available for sale on Amazon.

It's a collection of essays about The Legion Of Superheroes, one of which was penned by Mr. Garling.

I suspect it's something that will make me happy in my comics in a week or so when I can get my hands on it.

Congratulations on being published Scipio!

-Citizen Scribbler

Scipio said...

LOL, thanks, CS!

Anonymous said...

Am I alone in wondering why there were no bears at the Bear Trap?

(And I love your teasers, too, Mr. G.)

Scipio said...

Oh, yeah, sorry, Gail, I should have included:

thugs in plaid suits
gay stripclub villain HQs
and of course

Nick said...

It's so refreshing to see Bane being Bane. Sure, he's killed dozens of people in brutal ways, but he's so damn polite when not killing.

Even the little touches like helping the stripper out of the cake.

NecroVMX said...

These "things that made me happy" posts are half the reason I read this blog, blind items or not.

SallyP said...

Woohoo! I finally got Ambush Bug and Blue Beetle, which didn't come in LAST week. However, they didn't have Manhunter THIS week.


However, I am loving the Jonah Hex triangle, not to mention Sinestro.

Guys' Guy said...

My comic shop didn't have Jonah Hex...I couldn't browse. Apparently only 2 people actually get the title and it's not a big seller.

H├ęctor said...

Not really about this, but I question I've had for some time. A while ago, you posted an awesome panel of Batman receiving a call from the Comish about a flying frozen caveman, what issue was that from?


Dwayne "the canoe guy" said...

Yeah, the m/m/w stuff even involved drug induced colors. wow!

I liked that Jonah used the napkin to clean up the food falling out of the hole in his cheek.

You totally forgot to mention the f/f/? 'possible' action in Secret Six (since we are no longer sure what Ragdoll is.