Friday, September 26, 2008

Our Discussion Board!

Sorry, I've been rather busy getting ready for two away shows, three home concerts, and a competition!!! Meanwhile, I'd be delighted if my readers would consider becoming fans of my comic book store, Big Monkey Comics, on Facebook.

I've set up a Discussion Board there, with topics for many regular comic book series. Perhaps there are topics we've brought up here at the Absorbascon that you'd like to discuss further, but the post that started them gets shoved down by new posts. No problem! We can create topics for those on the Big Monkey Discussion Board. Just let me know there!

1 comment:

Guys' Guy said...

Awesome...what a great idea...I will definately once I get won't let me on facebook :(

Hey and no worries about being busy...we know you have life. Wait does that really go together: Having a Life and Comic book reading? It must because it seems to work for you LOL :)