Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Shield: I'm not saying he's GAY, exactly...

Ah, making old out-of-context comic book panels seem really really gay.
Too easy? Too unoriginal? Too sophomoric?


This really needs to be on a tee shirt.
On the back.

Dude, you run JUST like Wonder Woman. And don't worry, dear; I'm sure the soldiers will wait for you.

The Shield is a notorious tease, particularly toward wealthy, older men. What is he pointing at?

I've never heard it put this way before:
Hey, love ain't all roses and candy, ya know.

I mean, really; a home tanning salon, with tan accelerator. And... restraints?
I bet that "medical book" is Physique Magazine.

The Shield tells the story of this panel:"So, there I was, jaunting along the balance beam, bringing the flaming pomegranate cosmos to the party, desperately late because Timothy and Benjamin forgot they were supposed to pick me up (again!), when I suddenly notice the self-absorbed little queens speeding past me in their Fortwo Coupe, with their two Pomeranians yapping at me through the window..."

Dude, if you want to get in to the Crew Club, just show your pass. You just KNOW he's pointing that foot in the same way he runs.

Oh, god, OF COURSE he deejays. And mixes it up against his rival, "Count Zongarr", in deejay battles.

What was that, Shield?
After your dad died of internal injuries,
you were raised by *snort* J. Edgar Hoover?
Um, yes, Lieutenant, I'm sure they believe you were *snicker*
by that Brazilian soccer team.


naladahc said...

I literally spewed out my coffee!

Ruby and Juju! Hah!

Scip... this may be one of your funniest posts ever.

(Well... at least to me.)

SallyP said...

Hey, I've BEEN in a rumble seat, in my Dad's '31 Model A, and it's not nearly as exciting as you would think.

I think that it was the pointy toe that really made me spit out my tea however.

Guys' Guy said...

holy cow...I am laughing so hard I have have tears in my eyes! This has to be the funniest posts.

"Get into the Rumble Seat" and "you're a demon". Oh co-workers are looking at me like I have gone mad. LOLOL

Thanks for brightening my Thursday morning.

George S. said...

oh god oh god oh god

"You're a demon!"

Said with such angst and disappointment!

The hell if people get disappointed by the Shield's upcoming guesting in a comic if he didn't act like this!

rap said...

Not that there's anything wrong with that, Dr. Wertham.

Gus Casals said...

It's not all roses and candy indeed. Specially if Ruby and Juju were around...