Sunday, July 02, 2017

Heroclix Custom of the Week: The Giant Robot Bear

This is second in our series showcasing custom figures that I cobble together to add to my Heroclix games.  Last week, we featured Ollie Queen's ridiculous Arrowcar.  How do you outdo the ridiculousness of Green Arrow?  By visiting the Martian Manhunter in Apex City, of course, which brings us to THE GIANT ROBOT BEAR (as seen in the classic Detective Comics #306 tale, "The Last Days of J'onn J'onzz")

Picking a dial and a sculpt for the Giant Robot Bear was easy, because Yugio (always a font of ridiculousness) already has a giant bear figure (Figure #ygo011 Mother Grizzly), which I simply painted brown.

The real question is, will I ever go to the lengths of making custom Heroclix figures of the Giant Robot Crocodile, Giant Robot Buzzard, Giant Robot Gorilla, Giant Robot Elephant, or Giant Robot Rhino (not pictured)?