Tuesday, May 23, 2017


We left Green Arrow at what was obviously the end of his first story:  arrows have been shot, Ollie had been catapulted in a burning building, the mystery had been solved, the bad guy had been revealed and caught.

Would've gotten away with it, too, if it hadn't been for those meddling archers and their catapult.

But if you think that's the end of the story, well, then, you simply don't understand one of the most powerful forces in the DCU:


The now-unHooded Claw, revealed as tiny Ezra Sampson, simply jumps out a window and runs away laughing at Green Arrow all the way.

If only Ollie and Roy had some sort of non-fatal medium-range weapon handy.

Everyone sing!  
"Arrow fails, Speedy bails, Batman rolls his eyes; 
the Arrowplane's quite insane, Ezra Sampson got away!"

Sampson heads toward the city limits, which is an urgent problem, because apparently Ollie's vigilante license isn't valid outside his municipality.  Kind of like a notary.

Ollie's vehicle grows larger with each panel.  That's why at some point the DMV notified him he could no longer call it a 'car' and it became "The Arrowplane", even though its less able to fly than a tank is.

So Ollie shoots out a tire on Sampson's car as a simple safe way of halting his getaway.

To the degree that "Oliver Queen steering the Arrowplane with his knees" can be considered "safe".

Ollie seems oddly insistent that this is a permanent solution and Sampson seems to have a strange symbiotic relationship with his car, since he cries out in pain when its tire is shot.

How did Lichtenstein miss this panel? It's beautiful.

The Sampsonmobile glides to a gentle stop and Ezra finally gives up gracefully..


HOLY ****!

Do NOT fail Green Arrow's city.

Holy CRAP that was horrible and grim. Welcome to the Golden Age of Comics, kids.

Green Arrow: facilitating failure since 1941.

Ollie keeps the cartoon bomb as a souvenir, presumably because a coffin-forming mass of twistled and tangled steel doesn't fit neatly into his curio cabinet.

I am DYING to know what those other trophies are from. And how many people died to put them there.

NOW ends the case of the Namesake Murders. Until next month, kids, enjoy this teaser panel of Ollie shooting an arrow through a man's hand, blood gushing from the wound!

I hereby declare "Crime Carnival" as the official moniker for Green Arrow's rogues gallery.


Andrew said...

Domino masks are
immunity tokens for
third-degree murder

Anonymous said...

"Ollie seems oddly insistent that this is a permanent solution"

Well he was right, wasn't he?

Also, I like to think Speedy is into calves, so every time they catch a crook that's his special job.

Bryan L said...

So Ollie steers with his knees while shooting out Samson's tire? What the hell is his sidekick for, then? I mean, providing an extra pair of hands for the hero when he needs them is pretty much the first bullet point on a sidekick's job description.

Anonymous said...

I do have a complaint with this story, and that's how Ezra Samson died. Should have swerved into a brick building, leading to it collapsing on him.

Your Obedient Serpent said...

[screeching tires | CRASH]

SallyP said...

My, that was a tad more grisly than I expected!

Scipio said...

Andrew: I am glad someone remembers what day it is.
Anon: He was indeed.
Byran: Making Ollie look good...?
Anon: You are completely correct. In a Batman story, that's exactly what would have happened.
Serpent: Just so.
SallyP: If you can't stand the heat, get out of Star City!

Anonymous said...

Clearly, Ollie's vehicle is called the Arrowplane because "Arrow Car" isn't punny.

Clearly, Roy didn't take the wheel because he's not old enough to drive.

I mean, it's only logical.

- Mike Loughlin

Scipio said...

Mike, it becomes LESS clear two stories later when Roy drives the Arrowc--Arrowplane.