Tuesday, March 03, 2015


Oh, Giganta.  Such a complicated history.  She started as a gorilla, turned into a human by wacky scientist. Dr. Zool (who was kind of cross between Niles Caulder and Uncle Dudley).

Is there NOTHING hyperatomic energy cannot do?!

No process that puts you in an animal print dress can be deemed a step UP the evolutionary ladder.

Thanks, in part, to the Super-Friends show, Giganta's origins as an ape were set aside (perhaps in deference to Grodd's feelings), and, taking her name literally, made her a size-changer.  It gave Apache Chief something to do. And, yes, that sentence is intentionally ambiguous.

Quality or quantity? Giganta's choice is obvious.

JLU tried to have it both ways, by making Giganta a former ape, tranformed into a size-changing human by Grodd.  

In 1997, she was conflated with her original creator, Dr. Zool, as "Doris Zuel",  who'd brought her size-changing on by her own experimentation.  A neat idea it was, making her more of an independent person, rather than merely the product of some male.  

Ordinarily, there's nothing that could make me even mention this:

This is The Atom and Giganta announcing their engagement.  Yes, really.

If you don't recognize what that's from, I'm certainly not going to tell you.  If you DO, then you have my sympathies.  But it's interesting background to the real subject of this post:

From Gail Simone's bat-shit crazy "All-New Atom" #3 (2006).
Giganta's drive-in movie date with Ryan "the All-New Atom" Choi, where in she seduces him with her subtle sexy-time haiku.

Don't worry, Ryan.
I really like you. You're sweet
and cute as can be.

What haiku can you compose to honor Giganta and/or the Atom?


Anonymous said...

Lonely, Giganta?
Ryan Choi is a great match.
Just look in this box!

John said...

No photo reference
for gorillas? Energy

John said...


The Challenge of the
Superfriends never happened.
This? Coincidence!

Anonymous said...

No, John, no no no!
Legends of the Superheroes!
That's what didn't be!

John said...

Ah, yes, the wrong name.
But the right one didn't fit.
I beg forgiveness.

Redforce said...

We're movie stars, dear
Incredible Shrinking Man,
50 Foot Woman

Bryan L said...

Gorilla transform'd
Into beautiful woman
Ropes, don't slip off now.

PS: I loved Simone's Atom.

Nathan Hall said...

The Gorilla leaped
Up evolution's ladder
With retro fasion!

Anonymous said...

Once ape, now woman
Needs someone to show her love.
Size doesn't matter.

- Mike Loughlin

Unknown said...

A'leisha Brevard
Played Giganta in "Legends"
Was born a man. Fact.

CobraMisfit said...

Even as an ape,
There is never an excuse,
To wear leopard print!