Monday, July 21, 2014

The Greatest Gift is Love

My final gift at my riotous birthday party yesterday was a very special and thoughtful one, carefully schemed by a coterie of my closest friends.

As long time readers will know, one of the (many) things for which I am internet-famous is my richly insightful analysis of the classic Green Lantern story by George Kashdan for Filmation, "Sirena, Empress of Evil", which contains more lunacy in a mere seven minutes than all the rooms in Arkham.

The high point of the tale is when Sirena hits Hal in the head with a brain-wave guided space owl.

Which looks like this, in case you've forgotten.

So when my dragon brother Josh was thinking what to get me for my birthday he hit upon the idea of a customer Heroclix figure commemorating this moment.  With the collusion of Romulan cousin Nick, who doped out the right dial, Josh crafted the powers and power names of the figure, while using Judge Price's assistance to commission Master Modder Dale to create the figure itself.

It was truly the most wonderful surprise gift I have ever received when I opened THIS at my party:

This would have been Kairo's view of it, by the way.

I was uncharacteristically speechless:

That's my happy face, believe it or not.

And the character card was a masterpiece all its own:

I think that henceforth Josh should be allowed to name the powers on ALL Hal Jordan figures.

That's the YGO-054 dial ("Red-Eyes B. Dragon"). A friggin' CHASE, in case you were wondering.
The real fun will be in outwitting that defense and then pelting him in the head with light objects until he's kayoed.

The true gift, of course, is the underlying love that motivated this INSANE effort.  Thank you, gentlemen, for my best birthday gift ever!


Anonymous said...

Sweet fancy Moses, I want your friends.

Also, I gotta say, you're a hella good looking guy. And I don't even swing that way.

SallyP said...

I thought that the Birthday Cake hitting Hal in the head was one of the most wonderful things I have ever seen...and yet...!

This Heroclix is simply magnificent! magnificent.

It's going to be hard to top this for your next Birthday!

Unknown said...

I was honored to be part of this gift. Happy Birthday, old chum!

Bryan L said...

I am no stranger to custom figures, and I am deeply impressed.

tad said...

That is a thing of beauty.