Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The General and the Cavalry

Ordinarily, I don't believe in just posting old panels without any sort of humorous commentary or insight as value-added. Because anyone can do that. And did.

But frankly I simply cannot thing of anything to add to the intrinsic absurdity of this panel:

P.S. If "General Schmutzpuss and the Rabbit Cavalry" is not the name of some indie band already, it really should be.


Martin Gray said...

What a hoot, where's it from?

Scipio said...

Pep Comics!

SallyP said...

Really, what CAN you add to that?

Scipio said...

I love the lady's attitude of "Of course! Silly me! I should have known it would General Schmutzpuss and the Rabbit Cavalry"!