Thursday, August 11, 2011

Comics for Soldiers

I'm going to teach you how to make some soldiers happy.

Yeah, yeah, I hear you snickering; get your minds out of the gutter. And follow these directions...

(1). Go to the Post Office and get a medium flat-rate box (Size:11" x 8 1/2" x 5 1/2"); they are free.
(2). Fill it with comic books. You've got plenty and you know damn well you're not going to go back and read them again.
(3). Seal it up and take it back to Post Office.
(4). Tell them you want to send it via the military flat rate to a soldier stationed overseas; it costs about $11.
(5). Have the PO staff help you fill out the mailing form.
(6). If you do not have the address of a soldier overseas, you can send it here:

c/o Benari Poulten
4th ESC
APO AE 09355

That's a friend of mine in Afghanistan. They've got most of the necessities over there and quite a few "luxuries" (like movies). But they don't have comic books. And there are lots of servicemembers who would appreciate having them; my friend will help spread the comic book love among the troops.

You can also contact Operation Comix Relief. Or you can also just do it yourself.


SallyP said...

What a perfectly fabulous idea!

joecab said...

You can probably forget about sending anything to Operation Comix Relief: I offered to send them a lot of comics but they told me they already had a big inventory and didn't need anymore.

Oh well. :(

Mikelibrarian said...

Maybe your local VA Hospital could use them then.

Mathias42 said...

Hi, would it be okay for me to repost this? I run a webcomic and would love for my readers to see it. I'll be happy to add a link back to your blog.

Anonymous said...

Heroes4Heroes is a similar organization. You may want to contact them as well.

Scipio said...

Certainly, Mathias.

bittercupojoe said...

Hey, thanks for the idea. I'd been trying to figure out what to do with my collection. I just went this morning and donated about 14 longboxes through our local comic book shop to be distributed to troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Scipio said...