Thursday, December 06, 2007

Things That Annoyed Me...

... in my Wizard this week.

"Marvel: Their Biggest Year Ever!" I mean, really. Wizard already sucks face with Marvel monthly; did they really need to make it a theme?

"You like pickles?" p. 114. Am I the only person who doesn't get these?

"Hand over your corn nuts." p. 110. Okay, does anyone get these?

"rich but complex character dynamics" p. 106. Um, "rich" and "complex" are more like synonyms than antonyms, making "but" an inappropriate conjunction between them.

P. 108. If I got to ask Mark Waid any four questions I wanted, "When's the last time you had to be brave and/or bold?" would not be one of them.

P. 21. "Should Barbara Gordon be Batgirl or Oracle?" It's not the subject that bothers me; it's an interesting topic. Their debate topics usually are. It's that such potentially interesting articles are truncated at three paragraphs a side while there's an entire page with nothing but "THE BEST OF 2007" written on it (and other wastage, like a page on Cobra Commander). This is why people read blogs instead of Wizard. Well, that and wit.

P. 30. Nerdcore's "Naked Superchicks" Calendar. Sigh. The only way something this tawdry should be covered is with a large blanket.


Anonymous said...

thank you sir, I asked at my comic store why things like that calender still exist, the 14 year old behind the counter said, "'cause chicks and fags don't read comic books." does big monkey deliver to the uk? also any chance of a barbara gordon debate here?

Anonymous said...

Wizard. They probably think adult swim is brilliant.

Anonymous said...

The only time I've ever read a Wizard magazine is a free copy I got at (appropriately) Wizard World Chicago. It had one interesting article, about the most horrifying moments in comics.

The rest was fanboy pandering, news I already knew, ads, and that price guide.