Saturday, May 04, 2024

Speed Saunders: The Grogan Case (Grogan, Grogan, Grogan!)

 As always, Speed's magic fingers have uncovered a secret panel.

Yeah, that's a lot more efficient than, say, a LOCK.

I understand why SPEED doesn't know what a door lock is, because he seldom uses DOORS.  But you'd think the counterfeiters might.  I suppose they considered a swinging false wall more THEMATIC.

"Well, all I hear all day long at school is how GREAT Grogan is at this or how wonderful Grogan did that.
Grogan, Grogan, GROGAN!"

I note that Speed decided to question Inky here AFTER he'd gagged him and must have had to take the gag OFF and then put it back ON before he stuffed him in a closet, all in between panels in the interest of saving time. 

Wait, so the CLOSET has a lock, but the house and room don't?  
Whatever, Speed.

Before Speed can literally manufacture some more evidence at the counterfeiters' printing press, the non-locked outside door gets used, activating their Batgirl Wall.

They are surprisingly common in Gotham.

"What in the world is THIS?! Revolving walls?! Hidden rooms?!"

Then enters Dave Grogan Grogan Grogan (who you'd think might have been arrested for passing counterfeit bills, but NO, because every time he turns around the teachers at school hand him a blue ribbon or something) and another guy whose name you don't need to learn.

But I bet he's tired of living in Grogan's shadow all the time. 

Speed's overall disguise does not sufficiently disguise him overall:


Well, he won't have to live in Grogan's shadow any more.
Or at all.

"Come back, Grogan, your mother and I need to have a talk with you!"

Grogan may not be able to remember Speed's name, but he DOES remember that Speed doesn't really know how doors work, so using a DOOR to exit the room is a good ploy for slowing Speed down in confusion, and Speed can't tesseract to a MOVING target.  No wonder Grogan gets all those blue ribbons at school.

But WHERE is Grogan headed...?  The story only has one more page, so he can't get far...!

Tomorrow: Where Grogan Heads (and the Speedsplanation!)

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