Monday, May 23, 2016

Haikuesday: The Blue Beetles

There are many immediately great aspects to DC's Rebirth. One is the pairing of the classic Blue Beetle and the newer one.

Um...I meant the two AFTER that. Ted Kord and Jaime Reyes.

Rebirth brings them 'together again for the first time', and it is instantly perfect, with Jaime as the boy who doesn't want to be a superhero and Ted as the adult who blithely ignores that fact completely.

As well he should, for its quite clear that Jaime will be a hero. How? Heroic haiku, of course.

I'll deal, Mister Kord.
But I'm not looking to play
"Batman and Robin".

Sorry, kid; if you end a haiku with "Batman and Robin", you're pretty much destined to be a hero.

What haiku can YOU compose to celebrate the new optimism of Rebirth?

Cynical deconstructionist haiku are not eligible.


Anonymous said...

Ye gods, Gary Frank:
Tone down the expressions please.
More isn't better.

Ted's head looks like it's
About to explode, again.
Don't make Booster cry.

CobraMisfit said...

One Beetle is good
But two are even better
Rebirth may be great.

Scipio said...

"Ye gods, Gary Frank:"

Indeed. I must confess that as happy as I was to hear that DCU characters would start smiling again, I was twice as terrified that Gary Frank would be drawing that.

Anonymous said...

It's funny: when the nu52 started, some of the characters were set back to early days and thus were deliberately "off", Superman being the most obvious example. All this time, he's never felt like the authentic Superman, because we're still waiting for the Superman we've known and loved for a very long time. You know, the one who knows how to smile.

Well it turns out that's happening fairly literally, apparently, and I really can't be too sad about it. nu52 Superman is the second worst Superman (the worst being Superboy Prime). I don't think I'll mourn him, I'll just be glad the Real Deal is back.

Anonymous said...

By the way, some of you may not know: for a very long time, DC has had TWO Hal Jordans who are distant cousins and both superheroes. That sets a precedent for two Wally Wests.

Scipio said...

Ah. Airwave.

Bryan L said...

Welcome back, Ted Kord.
I missed your buffoonery.
And so has DC.

Finally! Someone
at DC recognizes
Two Beetles are best!

Dear Ted: Please don't turn
your back on Maxwell Lord. Then
bad things won't happen.

Slaughter said...

So the Scarab is magic? I don't see anything good about that. Magic is the most lousy side of the DCU because it has no rules and turns into Deus Ex Machinas.

Someone really needs to write a rules book of HOW MAGIC IN THE DCU WORKS. It would be a great improvement if they specialized the mages too, like in games and books - say, Enchantress uses Wild Magic, Zatanna is a jack-of-all-trades master of none, etc.

Meanwhile, Scarab as tech ties to The Reach tying it to the Green Lantern Corps. And the Scarab stops being a one-of-a-kind hero maker and starts looking like alien-tech - a lot like a GLC ring, but the use is different.

Enter Ted, one of the few guys who could unlock that tech withou vivisecting Jaime FOR SCIENCE!

But if its a magic device, then uhm... eerr...

Slaughter said...

A thought occured me:

Where Dan Garret fits here? Will they put him with the missing JSA or will they make him Blue Beetle from another Earth?

Wish there was a Charlton Universe, rather than the Watchmen-esque Pax Americana world.