Thursday, October 27, 2011

Things That Made Me Happy... my comics this week.

Aquaman #2. "More food?" cutaway to "Mommy! Mommy!" LMAO! I know some of you aren't fans of Geoff John's willingness to embrace gore in comic books, but you have to admit: he's a great horror writer.

Flash #2. Barry took the time to pay for the apples. Of course he did.

All-Star Western #2. "Oderint dum metuant." Heh heh, not enough jussive subjunctive in comics books nowadays, I say!

Aquaman #2. "Maybe there's more food there." That was the sentence that made me realize that the language the Trench are speaking isn't just chicken scratches; it's an actual "Interlac-style" transliteration alphabet. The artist didn't have to take the trouble to do that, particularly since no one is likely to notice, but it's gets a big slow clap from me!

Flash #2. I love that Flash is dealing with crazy mad Silver Age science. And is kind of rough on treadmills.

Superman #2. Sure, the idea of a opponents that everyone except Superman can see is scientifically ridiculous. But then again... so is Superman. So I loved it; it was exactly the kind of thing you would have seen on the cover of a Bronze Age Superman comic.

Savage Hawkman #2.
"With innocent lives in the balance, are Morphicius' newfound powers too powerful to stop?" Oh; apparently not.

Aquaman #2. If this were the Silver Age, "Aqua-Boy Goes Skiing!" would have been a perfect back-up story. Yeah, now I want a whole "The Adventures of Aquaman as a Boy!" series. "Aquaboy in Vegas!"; "Aquaboy at the Mall of America!"; "Aquaboy, Prince of the Salt Lake!". They practically write themselves!

Superman #2. Oh the comic book irony! "I've often saved the Planet by giving them headlines; but now their headlines are saving me!" Really, I'm highly amused that the "all-new Superman" reads just like it was written in 1974.

JLDark. On the one hand, I completely understand where Dawn is coming from and she's completely right. On the other hand, if my boyfriend could do that, I would make a different choice. In fact, I'd make a different choice every night.

Flash #2. That is a perfect--and perfectly simple--cliffhanger to leave Barry with. Bravo, Manapul et al.!

Aquaman #2. Okay, the Trench are spooky and all, but if they really stop to eat their own, well, they're not going to be a very effective fighting force, are they?

Flash #2. Wow, the kidnappers dumped Iris as fast as they could, didn't they? I mean, who can blame them? And apparently, "mean" is the perfect insulator when you're hurled from a moving vehicle, because her hair doesn't even looked mussed.

All-Star Western #2. Okay, that panel of Jonah saying, "Evenin', boys" is one of the gayest panels I've ever seen (and I've read Anthro). Or maybe it's just me.

Flash #2. Um... Barry? What about the driver of the car? Oh, well, I hope at least your apple tasted good.

All-Star Western #2. Hm; since the first "doctor in psychology" graduated from Johns Hopkins in 1886, it's fair to say that Dr. Arkham is very much on the cutting edge of his profession, isn't it?


Redforce said...

Flash and All-star Western #2 are out now? Back to the comic store!

SallyP said...

There was a LOT to be happy about this week, if I do say so.

Brad said...

Geoff Johns has done some great stuff in the past, but I'm really blown away by both Aquaman and JLA. Really, his best stuff since Sinestro Corp War. For the first time ever, I care about Aquaman. (And I'm so excited, I'm telling all my friends!)

d said...

I really want to like Aquaman but except for the art (a big except, I know) the book is just terrible. In 2 issues Aquaman has been a moody dickhead & some sea-monsters have shown up. The whole "her name is Aquawoman/her name is Mera" thing was just fan wanking of the lowest type. Maybe I'll just read the 1st trade at Barnes & Noble when it comes out -d'oh!