Saturday, November 26, 2005

Thanksgiving with your family

I'm thankful Superman isn't my cousin.

Because let me tell you, he is CREE - PY with a capital "CREE"!

Here he is putting the moves on Kara, who's so mortified by his impropriety and terrified of his power that her eyes bug out and her jaw drops. Careful, S-girl! Leave that mouth open and a superfast tongue just might steal your superbreath away!

"However," Superman continues in the next panel. "There's nothing in Kryptonian law about cousins having wild screaming monkey sex, is there? And we are in Antarctica; it's not like we're going to wake the neighbors! Why don't you just put on your little brown wig with the pigtails that I bought you..."

Dang... That is creepy. It's like he's testing the waters or something.

"Though cousins can marry in certain countries here on Earth. So, y'know, if you really wanted to..."

I think that panel scarred me for life. I'll be sending you the next twenty years worth of psychiatric bills.
Oh come on now. Who are we to judge the Man of Steel? Who knows what any of us would do with a nice, young, nubile innocent little thing like...

Yeah, this is very wrong, even for Supes.
Isn't this panel from the same Supergirl story where she sets up Supes with "Luma Lynai," an alien superwoman who just happens to look like a grown-up Supergirl?

You ask me, they deserve each other.
Yup --- "you can't do ME, but I found an identical supertwin of myself whom you CAN do."


Krypton DESERVED to blow up.

Hey BB, when are we going to get a new costume design from you?
Bear in mind that Supergirl dates a horse who turns into a nudist cowboy. Her cousin hitting on her is par for the course.

The pig-tails she keeps around to fend off he advances of her adoptive father.

Poor Supergirl...
Great mother of crap, that's upsetting.

But also... kinda hot. Super-incest... mmmmm.
Hmmm, I don't remember the Fortress of Incestitude from that era being in Arkansas.


"super-grooming", one of his lesser-known powers.
You've gotta read the Mighty Maid story (action 260) -- my review of it is here:

Verrrrrry disturbing...
Peter David brought this up in his introduction to the Supergirl: Many Happy Returns TPB. I didn't think he was lying, of course, but... wow.
It's the little things that make truly great comics great.

In this case, it's the look of sheer, deer-in-the-headlights-terror on Supergirl's face.

I know mortification when I see it. And this goes MUCH deeper.
Awww, c'mon...
Superman IS after all, an ALIEN. It's probably weirder for him to lust after Ms. lane than his cousin - they after all are genetic compatible. Ms. Lane is genetically probably more related to... um... an Octopus (right) than to horny Kryptonians.
And does Superman even care? He went after homo sapiens, homo mermanus and even homo apokolipsus. What else? maybe that's the reason we never hear from Beppo these days. (Well, he WAS Kryptonian, no?)
You all make a point about the fact that it's his cousin. I find the fact that she's only like 15 in this panel much more disturbing.
ouch! Touche, Methane!
You're totally right. What kinda perverts are these Kryptos after all?
They should've stuck with the "female companion" Jimmy wished for for Superman (Yes, Superman, not himself -- what a bonehead!) in that one issue with the 3 wishes totem. She may have been incompetent, but she wasn't blood and therefore fair game.
There must be something about Supergirl that brings out the incestuous feelings in her cousins!

Does anyone remember the HBO original series Dream On? There was one episode where the main character, Martin Tupper, very nearly had sex with his female cousin. And what actress portrayed this cousin? Helen Slater, who previously played Supergirl in the 1984 feature film!!
I want Methane at my side next time suggests that Batman and Robin were gay.
Why do I get the feeling this panel was the inspiration for issue 12 of "Top Ten?"
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