Thursday, November 17, 2005

Sub Diego 92101: Tempest and Koryak

To celebrate Aquaman getting his own tv show, we've been casting one of our own, using the current comic's cast. We've already picked Aquaman and Aquagirl (Jason Lewis and Rosario Dawson). Who will play Koryak and Tempest?

Tempest -- well, my own opinion is obvious: Mike Zagari, seen here signing something. Mike's sex appeal is off the charts, and Tempest could really use the boost. Of course, if Mike played Tempest, then I'd insist on playing Dolphin. So, try hard to come out with a better suggestion for who should play Tempest.

Koryak is tougher, particularly if you want someone even roughly ethno-accurate. Now, I personally have seen every movie made in the Inuit language, but still can't think of an appropriate Inuit (Eskimo) actor. Someone Asian or Amerind will have to do, I guess.

Here are some suggestions of my own:

Eddie Spears or his brother Michael Spears.
Kalani Queypo maybe.

But really, the part needs someone physically BIG. Koryak's a shtarker. We need a younger Jason Scott Lee.

Any suggestions?


Anonymous said...

Mark Dacascos was suitably American Indian looking in The Brotherhood of the Wolf. And awsome.

Anonymous said...

Koryak: Cliff Curtis

Tempest: Chris O'Donnell

Anonymous said...

Ooh, I reckon Taika Cohen would be excellent as Koryak.

No idea for Tempest, sorry.