Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Sub Diego Casting: AQUAGIRL

To celebrate the news about the new Aquaman live action TV show, we're casting own our little version of "Sub Diego 92101".

Who should play Lorena "Aquagirl" Marquez?

She should be

25 or younger

I have no candidates: suggestions?


Anonymous said...

America Ferrera from "Sisterhood of the Travellin Pants"?

Anonymous said...

Or Masiela Lusha from the George Lopez show.

Not actually Hispanic, but she plays one on TV!

(Ferrera has more booty.)

Anonymous said...

I'll stand by my original (sorry again) posting of Mila Kunis. Not Hispanic but close enough in appearance, IMHO!

Chris said...

Gotta second the nomination for Kunis.

Mmmmmm. Mila.

Devon Sanders said...

There are thousands of Hispanic actresses out there. I really think we can find one, not an actress close enough in appearance. I'd never look for an actor close enough to White or anything else.

Dark hair does not equal Hispanic.

Brian said...

Rosario Dawson? I thought of her name because she lives with Jason Lewis, he whom we've already crowned Aquaman. She's hot, 26 (close enough)...and, she was in Sin City, so seems to have at least a willingness to engage in the comic bookery.

Harvey Jerkwater said...

Rosario Dawson = Giggety!

Just had to put that out there.

Scipio said...


Rosario Dawson it is!

Brian said...

So, Aquaman and Aquagirl:

Lookin' Casual

Lookin' classy.

For those swank affairs where silk and cashmere won't get ruined by seawater