Friday, November 18, 2005

Dream Team: the Fishers of Men

Our all-gay heroclix team is shaping up nicely!

In fact, if it continues to be this easy to find members, it may become an entire expansion set. After all, from now on Heroclix expansion sets are supposed to have themes! What would we call it? "Castro Odyssey"? "Collateral Dupont"? "Pooftertime"? I like Pooftertime...

Our two new additions are certain to make a splash: the Fisherman and Koryak.

The Fisherman is one of Aquaman's "longtime foes", seen recently in Villains United, known behind his back as "Little Miss Bondage and Discipline". The hood/helmet. The rod. The nets and restraints. The leather boots/shirtless with harness look. I mean, REALLY. Life goal? Tying down blond hunk Aquaman. You can bet the Fisherman has the last couple pages of Alex Ross's "Justice" issue #2 laminated and on his nightstand, and leaves a message every hour on Brainiac's machine: "Hey, Brainy, it's me again, the Fisherman. I hear you have Aquaman. Strapped down on a table. Do you ... need any help with that? I mean, I could spot you while you go out for lunch or something? I'll pay for lunch even..."

As for Koryak, well, I mean... it's Koryak. Duh. By the way, Koryak...

nice necklace!


Shon Richards said...

The Fisherman also makes an appearance in Gotham
Central this week. My favorite bit was when the cop who's life was in danger was thinking- "Oh please, not like this".

thekelvingreen said...

He also got shot dead in that issue, so may be ineligble for Heroclix recruitment.

Oh sorry... SPOILER! :)

Anonymous said...

He's not dead, he's pining for the fjords.

Leonard said...

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