Saturday, November 05, 2005

Stagg Party

Simon Stagg, genius,

is, as previously mentioned, the greatest comic book character of all time.

It would be enough that he has hordes of nameless hooded guards following his every whim,
as if he's a Starman villain.

But, fact is, Simon Stagg's so cool you need MORE the just killing skills to work for him.

"So, you can operate a wide variety of death-dealing defense machines with your head covered, are a eunuch, and are willing to devote your life to me.
But can you play any classical instruments at symphonic level, you imbecile?
BY JASPER, you're hired, my lad!
Let it never be said that Simon Stagg's minions aren't CULTURED!"


Anonymous said...

Why does he look like he's on fire?

Scipio said...


Anonymous said...

I've always intensely hated Simon Stagg, far more than any other comic book character. Well, except for Steel and Gypsy, of course.

Bully said...

Wow, he's approached Doctor Doomosity and shot right past it in this panel.

Anonymous said...

Bully took the words right out of my mouth. Simon has some serious Doom working right there.

Anonymous said...

My, how romantic to have thugs in balaclavas at his little girl's wedding.

I want my wedding to have a masked serving staff and band, too. Oh, and armed with automatic weapons, too.

Scipio said...

It's good that whatever they're playing didn't require a flute-player.

Emil said...

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