Wednesday, November 23, 2005

The Franchise Sings Out!

Big Monkey Comics Radio (formerly known as "SuperHero Radio") is proud to announce the acquisition of some songs from The Franchise.

They've been kind enough to give us a live recording of their song "Superhero", as performed at Washington DC's famous "Black Cat" nightclub. It's now in rotation and being aired on BMCRadio. When the studio version is done (soon), we'll put that up, too.

Superhero (barak/kaye)

CHORUS: I want to be a superhero and wear my underwear on the outside I want to be a superhero The kind evildoers can’t abide

I’ll go to the laboratory To get a chemical spill
If that doesn’t work, Then the radiation certainly will


I’ll build a secret lair At the bottom of a really long stair
And I’ll do experiments there About making muggers learn to care


I’ll work at a newspaper For a tyrannical boss
And I’ll report on how My career’s a total loss


When we get a better version of their song "Rorshach", we'll air that, too!.

And remember, if you, your band, or your friend's band has a superhero-themed song, just send it to us here at the Absorbascon and we'll see to it it's played on Big Monkey Comics Radio.


Anonymous said...

You should ask the All Mighty Senators if you can play their excellent song Superfriends.

Axel M. Gruner said...

I used to play a pretty cool song with my old band. The "Superhuman Blues"... I have the lyrics over at .
Probably pretty atrocious english, but a good tune. Feel free to mock my bad grammar. :-)

Scipio said...

That's great, Axel! Do you have a MP3 of the song you could send me???

Axel M. Gruner said...

Sorry, Mr. Scipio.
My band was a bunch of lousy punks, and I don't think they have kept all of the cratched MCs we were using for taping. Well, maybe somewhere in the cellar.

Scipio said...

Well, get a pick up band together and record it again!

There's not enough superhero music in the world, I say!

Axel M. Gruner said...

Well, two years later, with a new band, I finally got to sing the song again. Demoversion already available on the band's myspace. ( I hope to get a clean version out later this year, dedicated to comic bloggers everywhere. :-)

Boniface said...

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