Thursday, November 17, 2005

"Anton, take me away!"

Hey, it's George Little's grandpa!

Heh, actually, it's the latest addition to our all-gay heroclix team. Ladies and gentlemen, put your white-gloved hands together for Mr. Hard to Get, that master accessesorizer ...

The fabulous Fadeaway Man!

He's a tuxedo-clad antiquities collector named Anton Lamont, with Simon Stagg hair moussed halfway to Jesus and back, sporting a vicious Van Dyke, whose superpower is the ability to go "poof" with his sparkly Liberacesque opera cape.

Phew! After all the tons of testorone added to the team by Vibe, Bulletman, and (mostly) Bulletgirl, we finally have someone who can go shopping with the Red Bee (while Mr. Scarlet and Pinky are at the gym, spotting each other).

Deathstroke staggers away from his collage a trois with Mr. S and the Whiz Kid, wearing little else but his absurd pirate boots, the Travis Morgan tatters of his costume, and his eye-patch. POOF! Up pops the Fadeaway Man, enveloping Slade in his magic cloak. "Nice hair; nice beard!" Anton compliments. "Let me draw you into my folds and take you places you've never been; come, let us away..."


Is Man-Thing going to be a substitute for this team? In case there's a sudden Marvel cross-over or something.
I apologize for going off-topic, this is just a comment about the poll -- where the hell is "THE PURPOSE OF MY EXISTENCE IS TO EXPLODE!" from ALL-STAR SUPERMAN #1? It's essential!
And keeping off topic...

I loved the Julie Madison quote but purely in a double-entendre way! I'm sure Bruce always likes entering things. Got my vote.
Ha, you're right, Chris! Problem is, Devon at Seven Hells has decided that's his new motto, so it would have been unfair to include it.
I wouldda written that in, too.

Speaking of All-Star, Page 11, Panel 3 next Tues?

Back to topic: Poor Deathstroke. And he still has to come home to Wintergreen...
:( Wintergreen's dead. Slade's crazy son Jericho killed him.

Jeff; you got it.
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