Thursday, October 13, 2005

I shall make you a fisher of men.

"Nggg Dammit?" Hm, sounds like a Vietnamese name to me...

No, my dear, that's "the Fisherman" an "old foe" of Aquaman.

Wearing a rather, um, naughty-looking new, um,


Freudian imagery aside, it's always good to see one of Aquaman's "old foes" and particularly the Fisherman -- he's just one those concepts that can't be fought. If there's going to be a 'fish guy hero' there's going to be a 'fisherman villain' whether you like it or not.

He was in the Silver Age Aquaman.
He was in the Filmation Cartoon.
He was in the famously bizarre and bizarrely famous Aquaman student film (although they called him "The Angler", which is actually a cleverer name).

Darkseid's boots?
Stolen from the Fisherman.
Magneto's hat?
Stolen from the Fisherman.
The Joker's persistent lack of a real name?
Stolen from the Fisherman.

Does he complain? No; complaining is for comic book bloggers, not fishermen.

My father, may he rest in peace, was a professional fishing guide in the wilds of Quebec (which is why I know how to kill a deer with a paper clip and rubber band from 50 yards, and other skills that don't show up on my resume). And from him I learned that the virtue of the fisherman is patience.

The Fisherman waited. Now he's back. He's in Infinite Crisis #1. The Joker, Magneto, and Darkseid aren't.


R Greene said...

Who's he caught in the pic?

Scipio said...

A GCPDer; I don't think it's Montoya because she appears elsewhere in the following frame.

When I saw the destruction of the Rock of Eternity and the Death of Shazam in Day of Vengeance, I thought it was odd that it happened while the Rock was over Gotham.

Now, reading InfC, I realize why....

Anonymous said...

The Joker's persistent lack of a real name?
Stolen from the Fisherman.

If they ever do give the Fisherman a real name, I bet it'll be Gorton...

Anonymous said...

A dark and gritty Fisherman with too much shading! Just what the world needs!

Mark "Puff" Anderson said...

There was a golden age villain named the Angler.

Think he fought Green Arrow.


Anonymous said...

I think Kang has some boots like that, too.

Bill Reed said...

They brought him back? DAMMIT!

There goes my revamp idea.

Anonymous said...

Did you notice they killed the Fisherman? In Gotham Central.