Wednesday, August 03, 2005

The Vurm Re-Turns!

Surely you remember Starman's monocled enemy, the Infuriated Vurm?

He's back and badder than ever, with a deadly new arsenal that includes

Directional Wave-Length Perfection!

The Giant Televiso-Screen!

Metropolitan Quake Projection!

Villains, even Starman's, can be so silly sometimes! Dude ... it's 1940 and you just invented

Satellite dish broadcasting!

Wide-screen flat-panel HDTV!

Reality television shows and the Weather Channel!

Forget the scheming, Vurm, just file the dang patents and become an overnight trillionaire communications/entertainment mogul. Then get to work on the remote, because you're going to sprain your neck using that plunger lever to operate the teevee, which is obviously on the wrong wall...


Anonymous said...

Well, villains will be villains, but as Jack Knight pointed out in the Starman series, even his dad (the original Starman) overlooked the commercial potential and aid to humanity of his inventions. Then again, even if he had transformed the world with his revolutinary inventions, we'd probably just have electric fire hydrants we'd huddle up against for warmth while reading our pirate comics anyway.

Mark Fossen said...

Vurm aside ... who's the artist there?

Maybe it's just me, but that looks incredibly ahead of it's time for Golden Age stuff. There's shadow, fer chrissakes!

Scipio said...

TOuche, John.

Mark: that's the impressive art of Jack Burnley, originator of Starman. Jack was originally a sports illustrator (in a time when there were such things)with a solid command of the human form.

If you'll look at my previous Starman posts, you'll see more of his work. It's highly cinematic in its use of layout and shadow.

Hate Filled Poster said...

Damn does he take a breath during that sentence. I can picture him saying that and then stopping to take a breath and Starman just clocks him one.

(deep breath) At last I have left a comment on the Absorbascon site run by the brilliant Scipio using haloscan on the post from 9:09 AM titled "The Vurm Re-Turns!" now I can rest easy and until another post on the Absorbascon site run by the brilliant Scipio arrives in which to comment on!!! MWUHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA!!! (deep breath)

Bobby said...

I always wondered the same thing, when they could invent such cool stuff, just give up the villain/hero thing and make some money or help the world. *SIGH*

Then again, I haven't patented any of my super secret inventions either.
Love the blog, dude.

Scipio said...

Thanks, Bobby! We'll put in a good word for you with Vurm and maybe he'll spare your town...!