Monday, August 08, 2005

Casting "Vibe!": Steel

Okay, gang, we need to get back to casting

"Vibe! The Movie, Meng"

because the studio is breathing down my neck now.

We need someone to play Steel, not the cool smart black guy but the uncool dumb white guy. You know, the one who let his grandfather (the retro-vented "Commander Steel") replaces all his innards with decades of needless surgery.

Remember, we need an actor who can convincingly do THAT, on the right. And not much else.

And the nominees are:
Rob Lowe (too old!)
Dolph Lundgren (too old!)
Mark-Paul Gosselar (very funny!)
Matt LeBlanc
Casper Van Diehn
Matt Damon
Ben Affleck
Nick Lachey


Devon Sanders said...

Brandon Routh!

Scipio said...

Now, that's just MEAN!

Anonymous said...

Why was Johnny Knocksville not on the list?

Scipio said...

Because, despite his persona, he's actually too SMART!

Tom Foss said...

Apparently Dolph Lundgren is some sort of genius. He has a degree in like, chemical engineering. Check out his IMDB profile, it's shocking.

He'll always be He-Man to me. My vote goes to Beniffer.

Anonymous said...

How about Sean William Scott? The guy who brought Stifler to America may or may not be smart, but he can sure play dumb.

Scipio said...

Methane, you are so so so so so right.

He is exactly the right person, but no one mentioned him before.

Perhaps I should simply choose him by directorial fiat, and stop the poll?

Because Vixen is next...