Monday, August 08, 2005

Stupid Hero Quote

"I can't hear you! My ears are full of coffee and sugar!"

Um ... okay. Aren't those supposed to go in your mouth? I guess our hero thought he shouldn't do that!

With a touch of deduction, you'll be able to figure our who said this, I think...

The Atom seems like the only hero likely to have gone swimming in a coffee cup...
Smart. Very smart.

But, no...
MMmmmm, no.
Too Much Coffee Man?
LOL; no.
Plastic Man pretending to be a Thermos?

Completely and utterly wrong, however.

Perhaps this will help:

the coffee hadn't been made yet.
Chameleon Boy?

Golden Age, folks, Golden Age...
Hmmm.. my gues is Ma Hunkel (you wear a pot on yer head, something like this is bound to happen).

Wrong, but funny!

One hero said it to another after escape a death-trap.
Giant coffee containers (well, any giant props) would seem to indicate Batman (or Robin). Your 'touch of deduction' comment would also seem to point to Batman.

BTW, what was the answer to the last stupid hero quote (the one about the brownstone)?
Ah, Methane, truly you are wise!

"Correct, Boy Wonder!" It was Robin, to Batman, after escaping from a storage area full of stolen coffee and sugar. It was war-time; those products were rationed, and were valuable commodities.

B exploded something to get them out and coffee and sugar were everywhere ... including Robin's ears, I guess.

The "our hero should do that" was also a clue; Robin was too young to drink coffee!

As for the Brownstone quote, gimme a sec...
Ah. The Brownstone quote was Barry Allen to Batman.

Some wacked out Silver Age plot about gangs with superspeed sneakers.
whoop! Finally got one!

All those hours I spent as a kid reading the black and white reprints my library had of Batman (from the 50's I think) have finally paid off!

If there was one thing you learned from those stories, it was that Batwoman and Batgirl were tough crimefighters, but more interested in getting Batman and Robin out for a date. If there was a second thing you learned, it was that Gotham city was seriously overrun by giant props.

Those were fun stories. I'm gonna have to put those on the list of reprints to eventually acquire.
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