Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Vibe, the Movie, Meng! Who Will Play Gypsy?

The originator of the role of "Pretzel Cart Lesbian", Selma Blair!
Star of stage and screen, Tiffany-Amber Thiessen!
"B. Monkey" star Asia Argento!
Starpowered Elizabeth Taylor!
Button-cute Zooey Deschenel!
Team-oriented LeeLee Sobieski!
Mia Kunis, who learned English from watching Saved By the Bell!
Spunky Jennifer Capps!
Family-friendly RuPaul!

YOU will decide!


rafi-el said...

Ru Paul would be perfect for the part of Vixen.

Anonymous said...

Wait! What about Audrey Tautou! She even has an accent.

Johnny B said...

Zooey! Zooey! Zooey!

I love Tautou, but Gypsy's American. She doesn't have an accent.

Franny said...

Come on. Asia is perfect. And she's enough of a B-lister (anyone who's been in that many of Dario Argento's movies has to be, even if she is his daughter) to fit perfectly alongside Mario Lopez.