Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Haiku Tuesday: Dueling Haikus of Death

You think you've seen this post before, but you haven't! I've discussed Vibe's horrible death recently, but there was something I didn't notice about it until it was pointed about to me by an observant commenter ("Jeff R.", in fact):

the Ivoid kills Vibe in flawless haiku.

"I have been ordered
to murder you. I am not
programmed for failure."

Creepy as that it is, its creepiness is badly compound by an even stranger fact:

Vibe replies, with his death gasps ... in haiku.

"No! Get 'em off me!
Get 'em off! I can't breathe, damn
it! I can't==oh, god.."

Brrr. Creepy.

What haiku can YOU compose either about this little death scene or to serve as substitute haikus for theirs? Even haikus unflatterable of Vibe will be accepted!

Although I can't imagine anyone wanting to write anything unflattering about Vibe....


Anonymous said...

Holy crap, this meme
has now spread to other blogs!
What hath Starman wrought?

Brian said...

It can't end like this.
No dignity, no honor!
I-I'm a hero!

I know this alley...
Started in one just like it.
It welcomes me home.

Killed by a robot.
This never happens to Supes.
Such a dumb mistake.

Anonymous said...

Don't you worry, Vibe:
Morrison brings you back to life!
Not a good life, though.

Scipio said...

Wow, you guys are getting REALLY good!

Is Morrison bringing Vibe back?@?@

Don't tease me like that...!

Anonymous said...

I thought he already had, but then I remembered that was Triumph. I am going to catch SUCH hell for that blunder, I'm sure.

Anonymous said...

You ... are ... mistaken!
My brother ... Paco ... is Vibe!
You just killed ... Reverb...

Ashtur said...
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Ashtur said...

A sports reporter
has taken to haiku too
you are trendsetter


Scipio said...

You confuse "Triumph" with VIBE?

Harumph! Perhaps we'll alsot need to prime you on the difference between, say,Gangbuster and Batman?


Anonymous said...

Que? Un roboto...?
Con los manos de muerte?!
Ay! Dios mio!

Scipio said...

Okay now THAT IS FUNNY!!!!!!!!

Des said...

Never thought your hands
would feel so warm and sexy
on my neck like this.