Saturday, August 06, 2005

Cub Moron

Let's see where was I .... oh, yes, kick-boxing four-year-old girls.

Yep, that'll make a great scoop alright: "Redheaded Reporter Dies in Fall". I'll bet Perry goes down to Printing and typesets that one personally.

So, what scoop do you think Jimmy was hoping to get?
"Bottomless Pit Discovered to Be Large Hole in Ground"?
"Lax Security Endangers Park Goers"?
"Teen Sex Murder Victims' Bodies Found in Local Landmark"?

This panel is more evidence that, well, there's just something wrong with Jimmy Olsen's brain. I guess the mind can only take so much exposure to Amnesium, and Elastic Serum, and Wolfman Serum, and Giant Turtle Rays, and Porcupinification, and Lucy Lane.

Oh, and three guesses what happens in the next panel.


Anonymous said...

How does Jimmy survive when Superman's out in space or something?

Andrew Ironwood said...

I'd vote for "Lax Security Endangers Teen Sex Murder Victims' Bodies Found in Large Hole in Ground", but it'd have to be set in awfully small type, wouldn't it?...

Anonymous said...

Okay, peeking down into a bottomless pit to see whether or not it is, in fact, botomless, I can understand.

Thinking it would be a great scoop...what the hell is wrong with you, Jimmy?