Friday, August 26, 2005

S. O. S. !

Aquaman and the Human Flying Fish need YOUR help!

Over at the esteemed Comic Treadmill, it's the eleventh hour for deciding whether they will "index" Aquaman; he needs only a few votes to succeed!

Please go to the Treadmill immediately and give Aquaman the love he deserves!!!!!!


Jhunt said...

I also am watching blogs all day long. Yours is most delightful! Who is driving car? BEAR IS DRIVING CAR!!! OH NO!!!

Jhunt said...

hmmm.. my earlier comment now makes absolutely no sense. It has become a riddle to torment through the ages! Advantage: Jhunt!

Scipio said...

You get an endclick of Perplex, Jhunt!

Anonymous said...

Ahh...but why not vote for Adventure? You get a run of Aquaman in that magazine and, well, just about every other character in the DCU, depending on what era his collection covers.

OK, I've never gotten an issue (basically went out of business as I was starting to collect), but from the looks of it, it gives a real sense of the range of DC in the 70's.

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