Sunday, June 26, 2005

The Brigadoon Poll

As we've been discussing, too many useful and interesting cities lie in Limbo waiting to return to the DCU proper. As DC is fond of saying lately, they offer us a whole universe; surely it has room to bring back these fictionopolises as part of it!

Granted, I want ALL these cities back. But let's give DC a sense of the popular demand for each. Our new poll is on which of the fictionpolises you want to return to the DCU. Remember, you can vote for as many of them as you want!

Just so's you can review before ya vote:

Brick City
New Venice
Federal City
Midway City
Civic City
Calvin City

At the moment, Federal City is in the lead...


Scipio said...


Once my deprogrammers are done rescuing H from the Kirby Kult, I have more work for them...

Malcolm said...

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