Wednesday, June 29, 2005

This week's comics

And now a selection of quotes from the comics I bought this week.

"Run, Wally. Run."
I wasn't going to get this issue of the Flash. Devon of Seven Hells told me, "No, you want to get this; trust me." When Devon, who erreth not, tells you you need to buy something, you do. I did. He was right. I should have seen "it" coming, because of something odd I noticed about the forthcoming DC Heroclix set....

"Would you like me to remove that from the cave?"
Every year, I think Batman's rogue's gallery can't get any better or more interesting; then it does. This year is no different!

"Because we have yet to identify the ass that needs kicking."
That's Wonder Woman, in the OMAC Project. Must say, I did NOT see that ending coming!

"Suggested action: destroy android."

The Manhunters are dead; long live the Manhunters! I can't believe that even Geoff Johns can make Hal Jordan interesting, but it's working. I think GJ lit one of those black candles during Underworld Unleashed...!

"Your mother is a remarkable woman, Cassandra."
As a classicist, I applaud Greg Rucka for his spot on use of Greek mythology, and capturing the sound and feel of classic myth so perfectly. You can tell Rucka's read a lot more than just comic books.

"Nabu has departed with the Blue Beetle on a pilgrimmage to Imhotep's tomb."
I got "Endless Flight", the trade paperback of the restart of Hawkman's title. Only now do I realize how tightly connected everything is. You really deserve to get all three trades of Hawkman's series (the other two are "Allies & Enemies" and "Wings of Fury"). Do, and you'll appreciate the brilliance of what Hawkman's re-creators have accomplished. And you'll be convinced that we haven't seen the last of the Blue Beetle's scarab...!

"Select a design motif or totem to represent your alter ego."
PLEASE treat yourself to a copy of The Batman Handbook: the Ultimate Training Manual. I thought it was going to be just one of those "Worst Case Scenario" handbooks thinly covered with a Batman patina. It's much cooler than that! It's so cool that I expect page 57 to start a nationwide epidemic of children throwing boomerangs at burn victims; you heard it here first.


Anonymous said...

Sorry, what was the odd thing you noticed about the forthcoming Heroclix set? I looked on their site, didn't notice anything, perhaps the are creating a Flash on a Cosmic Treadmill clix....

Anonymous said...

"You can tell Rucka's read a lot more than just comic books."

Bingo. That's the key to being a good writer: read voraciously, everything and anything. Comic writers who only read comics are bad writers. TV writers who only watch TV turn out crap. And so forth.

Scipio said...

A1, the hint is on the HCRealms site, not the WK site itself. The official thread on the forthcoming Icons set lists "Prof. Zoom".

Hate Filled Poster said...

Yep, Flash is some comic book goodness this month. Wally is in trouble. I think I'd already be running if I were him. The quote would have been like "Ru..." and a cloud of dust.