Friday, June 03, 2005

Martian Music

Originally uploaded by Scipio1.

I have been asked to announce the release of my new theme song, somewhat unimaginatively titled "The Martian Manhunter Theme", now playing on SuperHero Radio.

It is a well-meant attempt to fuse native Martian melody and harmonic tradition with Terran instrumentations.

I am not well poised to evaluate its merits, but I can state from experience that it sounds better if you listen to it while eating Chocos.


Anonymous said...


What, are you some kinda John Ostrander apologist? I hated that he (or DC) felt that they couldn't use Oreos anymore. We all know the truth!

Anyhow, can't wait to hear the theme: the Manhunter is one of my favorites!

Scipio said...

I know, I know; I deplored the great Oreo/Choco Switch,too, but while I would take on all of Rann single-handed, I won't go up against Nabisco....

I hope you like it. I tried to make it otherworld and eerie without getting too disphonious.

Scipio said...

I would post it somewhere for people to listen to/download, but frankly I don't know how or where to do that.

Shon Richards said...

Curses, I was hoping you had a download for it somewhere. I heard it on Superhero raido and thought it rocked. Or melted. Or whatever Martians do.

Scipio said...

Thank you, Shon!

I just wrote it the other night.

As I said, I don't know how to post an mp3 in a way that would allow others to download it, but I am happy to email it out...