Monday, June 13, 2005


Even the preliminary results from our new poll about DC Heroclix make it pretty clear: most of you have heard of it, but never played.

Well, do!

I'm not a "gamer". Never played anything like it before. That was all D&D miniatures "crap"; you know...for GEEKS.

Then they made something for comic book fans, which is, of course, a completely different!

Some of the rules can be a little screwy, but all in all they do a pretty good job of creating "powers" they make the figures play in the way the characters would act. Batman, for example, has "Stealth", a power that let him hide more easily than other figures.
Flash has "Hypersonic Speed", meaning he can run up, hit someone, then run away. You get the idea.

It may be hard to take the plunge to buy the game and start playing if you don't know anyone else to play with. That was the boat I was in. But I just bought some and then taught some other comic book buddies. We had fun and so they bought figures of their own. We play once a week! We keep it light and fun, and are more interested in how the "characters" play than whether we win.

Very soon, Wizkids, which makes Heroclix, will be releasing a new "starter set" for DC figures called "ICONS". The set will include a new Batman, the original Robin, Superman, the Joker, Lex Luthor in battlesuit, Harley Quin, and many others. It's a perfect time to jump on board and learn why a lot of comic book fans enjoy playing Heroclix.


Bill D. said...

Heroclix is fun, but the few friends I have who play live in Maine (I'm in Rhode Island), so I play maybe 3 times a year. A few local comics shops have weekly tourneys, but those people are way too intense about it for me. I'm with H, I'd rather play for fun.

I did teach my wife how to play, but she was only interested in playing until she could beat me, so she was all set after the second game (I like to play, but I'm really not any good).

layne said...

I've looked and looked, and I still can't find any clear, safe-for-newbie tutorials on how to play this. Any help?

Anonymous said...

Check out the Quick Start Rules on the WizKids game site, or pick up one of the Marvel Universe starter packs (or wait a few months for the new DC starter if that's more your 'verse). I'm a moderator at, which is one of the more relaxed sites devoted to Heroclix. Look me up, and I'll be happy to run you through a game!

Scipio said...

Really, K26?

I'm very interesting in talking clix with you off-line...

Perhaps I could use this blog to help out creationmatrix and the game.

layne said...

I must be blind. Thanks, k26!

Anonymous said...

Mysterious item on the Wizkids homepage. They'll host a chat on July 7 at 4:00 pm, during which they'll make an annoucement.

The annoucement:
1. Will change the face of Heroclix.
2. Is based on feedback from Heroclix players.
3. Is NOT Heroclix 2.0, and
4. "Has very little do with gameplay."

Any thoughts? Because I'm stymied.

Scipio said...

I was pondering that last night.

Given those points they list, I can think of only two things.

A big money purse for national tourney (sadly, just another way of encouraging of people to play for blood not fun).

Changes in set distribution, such as smaller sets issued more frequently.

Nickolas said...

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