Thursday, June 30, 2005

Swiss Army Knife Man!

Okay, as confirmed here and at several other blogs you know and trust, the Composite Superman is officially the greatest character ever. And we know he could whoop any hero (without time-based powers) on the block and humiliate them horribly in the process.

But let's REALLY geek out here for a moment. Let's stop to appreciate the versatility of the Compster, who has, what is it, some 25+ superpowers. With a bit of super-acting ability he could impersonate almost any member of the Justice League.

Superman? Yes. He has all the powers of the pre-crisis Supergirl, Mon-El, and Ultra-Boy...combined. Superman is his be-yotch, te asseguro.

Batman? Yes. With the stealth of Invisible Kid and the genius of Brainiac 5, no problem. And with a touch of thought-casting, he could inspire fear directly into your brain!

Wonder Woman? Maybe, but it would literally be a stretch. Most of her powers are pretty "standard" except for the Lasso of Truth. CS would have to fake that using a combination of the powers of Chameleon Boy (for its appearance), Sun Boy (the thing does glow), Elastic Lad (it stretches out), and Saturn Girl (mind-reading). With practice, it's doable.

Flash? Yes. He has the combined speed of Ultra-Boy, Mon-El, and Supergirl (she who could move fast enough to break the time barrier). And with Phantom Girl's phasing, he could "vibrate" through things.

Plastic Man? Yes. Elastic Lad + Chameleon Boy + Bottle of Tequila.

Aquaman? Maybe. CS would have no problems superizing underwater. The main thing would be whether Saturn Girl's "super-thought-casting" would give him enough control over sealife.

Green Lantern? No. Try as I might, I can't think how even the Composite Superman could duplicate the whole Talking Power Ring/Hard Light Construct shtick.

The Martian Manhunter? Yes. Phasing, telepathy, flight, superstrength, "martian vision", superbreath, shapechanging; he can do all that in his sleep.

The next time you get asked the standard question, "What comic book character would you be?", show your geekspertise and say the Composite Superman. Like the Captain Action figure, he can be almost any hero you want him to!


Jeff R. said...

Is Tyroc in the set of legionaires Compy gets the power of? Because his Hard Sound constructs could do a lot of the work.

Other possibility is to combo Kid Psycho forcefields with Princess Projectra illusions.

Scipio said...

No, CS's Legion is before Kid Psycho, Projectra, and Tyroc.

Jeff R. said...

Sigh. Okay, well, most of the time the construct is coming directly out of the ring. Those you could do with Chameleon Boy's powers, no problem. And the talking power ring is no problem; super-ventriloquism is part of the Kryptonian package (and probably, at in that era, availible to Ultra-boy and Mon-El as well.)

(For standalone constructs you could go Triplicate Girl/Chameleon Kid; a bit of a stretch, though.)

Scipio said...

Ah, super-ventriloquism!

For the record, there are no instances of Ultra-Boy or Mon-El throwing their voices.

Did Supergirl ever use it? Anyone know?

J'onn J'onzz, Martian Manhunter said...

Obviously, we don't know!