Monday, June 27, 2005


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The Absorbascon does not shy away from the tough issues of our time.

Should Robin be introduced in the next Batman film and, if so, who could play him?

Oh, I know what some of you will say. It's stupid and unrealistic to have the Dark Knight saddled with a kid in a red, yellow, and green circus costume.

Hmm...okay, I'll grant you that. But it's also stupid and unrealistic to dress up like a bat and fight crime using rope, smoke bombs, and boomerangs, yet Batman pulls that off pretty well, too.

Do you want a cinematic Robin?
What should he be like?


naladahc said...

I really think Robin should be between 10-12 years old like when he first appeared.

Yes. It is totally unbelievable but it was the Golden Age and all.

I just hated the "teen" Robin of the 3rd film. And the fact he was blond and absolutely NOTHING like the character of Dick Grayson at all.

Anonymous said...

In the next Batman film? Hell, I'd like to see Robin in Batman COMICS.
I think Robin should be mid-teens, maybe sixteen, overconfident and a little bit cynical, which would give you the creeps coming from a kid. He should have fun and like being a crimefighter, and have a totally different personality than Batman, adding levity and self-awareness to what's going on.
Done properly Robin should be the best character in the series.

Psychbloke said...

no .... no..... no.......

Can we get going with Gordon first please?

Bat-Mac said...

Second film: Introduce Robin

Third film: First Robin becomes Nightwing and Batman gets a new Robin.

Fourth Film: New Robin dies. Batman gets revenge, but in the process breaks his back.

Fifth Film: Batman uses time off to launch satellite to spy on all metahumans (who have been introduced in 50 concurrent films) and recruit an army of Robins to do his bidding, whatever that may be.

Sixth film: One Year Later.

In answer to your question, there should be no Robin in the second film. Why do they have to keep introducing new characters in these films? The way it’s done takes up too much time and detracts from a good plot. Now that Batman is established, they should explore his development into uber-Batman, which was neglected in this film, probably because it’s difficult to do an interesting montage sequence of someone becoming a great detective. The fact the Joker will be the next villain is an excellent opportunity to do that.

Scipio said...

Strong point, Mac!

So in essence you're saying the movie should follow the standard pattern for a villian intro story:

1. Hero meets villain for first time and loses, but, educated by the experience, is better prepared for the next time.

2. Hero encounters villain, stops theft, but villain escapes. Inspired, hero formulates a plan for capturing the villains.

3. Hero encounters villian, succeeds in capturing him thanks to newfound experience and plan.

Anonymous said...

Yes. A thousand times yes. Come on, is anyone -not- in this for the Robins? I'd die of fannish glee to see a Tim Drake - that hard, brilliant, cynical boy - even if his name was Dick Grayson. I'd -really- die to see Stephanie Brown as Robin. But that'd be pushing it.

Yes, I think there should be a Robin. Hell, the movie pulled off the guy-dresses-up-as-bat thing without ever sliding into silliness; I'm confident they could make a Robin unridiculous. And, yes, did I say? Robin, any Robin, would absolutely frickin' -rule-.

[/random robinfannish squee]