Friday, June 24, 2005


Bruce Wayne replaces Carson on Queer Eye. Gods, how I miss the Quarter Bin, the most consistently intelligent on-line discussion of comics ever.

Jotace is so much FUN! He's now unearthed embarrasing candids of much-reviled Atom-Smasher's acne-snarred adolescence , burly firemen helping Wonder Woman introduce a girl to love on a trampoline , and one of our neglected favorites, Congo Bill, defeating villains using nothing but onions.

Opal City won our "Favored Fictionopolises" poll, because Robinson made it seem cool and interesting. Following distantly were, well, all the other cities in the DCU, based mostly on order of safety, it seems. I'd still like to know which lunatic voted for Hub City.

There was a tie in our "Gayest Black Condor Cover" poll ,between "Another Angry Boyfriend" and "Up, Up, and Away!"

The Absorbascon is taking up a collection to hire deprogrammers to save poor deluded H at Comic Treadmill from the Kirby Kult and its leaders. Just use the SuperHero Radio paypal link at right to make a donation...

So exactly how long was Adam Strange sleeping with Alanna before he married her? Let's see, from 1958 to 1975... H is right; Adam Strange is a pig as well as nonsensical. I want a crossover with Bibleman, who would spank the bejeezus of that slimy, opportunitistic archy major. I always hated archy majors.


JotaceDT said...

Mmmm... you're the second person who said the same. maybe you're right, but my english is too poor to explain it.

In any case, i didn't pretend to make fun OF Perez disease, but WITH Perez disease.

)'m sure in spanish that explanation would be more clear...

Sorry if any of you were disturbed.

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