Friday, June 17, 2005


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Now that "Batman Begins" has refreshed the franchise, it's time to consider a sequel.

I've not hung out at any forums discussing such things, but I'm sure my own expection isn't unique.

The second film would have the Joker as the villain, possibly portrayed by Crispin Glover. I would expect the result of that to look something like this photo (that's not Crispin, but it does look like him).

The film would probably introduce Harvey Dent, since the previous DA got kacked in the first film. Toward the end, Dent would have his little "accident", setting up Two-Face for the third film.

Where the Scarecrow fits in to all this (if at all), I don't quite know. But if I don't get a Joker and a Two-Face that I'm happy with, I'll be, well, unhappy.

Nicholson and Tommy Lee Jones are fine actors, but they were miscast and misdirected in their respective roles. If the animated series can get it right, then so can the big-budget films!


naladahc said...

Hey. Billy Dee is still free.

Anonymous said...

2 quick points:

1. The rumor is Mark Hamill has been mentioned as being in the running for the Joker. He's definitely got the voice, but the physique...?

2. I haven't gotten to see the film yet (going Sunday), so it's, uh, nice to know the DA gets killed. That's kind of why I've been avoiding your "what we didn't like about the movie" post...

Dan Hill said...

They should cast someone around Bales age as Dent so the friendship seems natural and makes it much more wrenching when Harvey has an appointment with a splash of acid.

Hate Filled Poster said...

There are already rumors going around about a sequel. I saw them earlier, but now can't seem to find the links.

Anonymous said...

True, but I don't think they could go very far without having a Joker appearance.

And Glover as Joker would be outstanding.

Anonymous said...

Real good prediction of The Dark Knight, wasn't it?

Unknown said...

It sure was, Anonymous.