Sunday, June 12, 2005

Crossover Finale

For those who are wondering, the crossovers in our last poll ranked out as follows:

1. 17% DC One Million
2. 16% Crisis on Infinite Earths
3. 10% Sins of Youth
4. 10% Invasion!
5. 8% Legends

The Silver Age, JLApe, Cosmic Odyssey, Underworld Unleashed, Eclipsoe, Final Night, and Zero Hour all got in the 3%-5% range.

Millenium, Bloodlines, War of the Gods, Armaggedon, and Genesis each received between 0% and 2% of the vote. Blech.


Jer said...

So, Scipio, what were your choices?

Scipio said...

I voted for:
DC One Million
Sins of Youth
Invasion (loved that!)
Silver Age (a PERFECT retro-silver story)
JLApe (pure fun!)
Eclipso (because any story where the Creeper gets eaten by wild dogs is okay in my book!)

Anonymous said...

Anyone else think Legends was boooooooooooooring?

The only epic crossovers on the list that I've read and enjoyed were DC One Million, Sins of Youth, & Final Night.