Friday, June 03, 2005

The Gay Guardian...or not?

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Black readers get Black Lightning, Green Lantern John Stewart, Mr. Terrific.

Who did gay readers get? Extrano. *Sigh*.

But I have convinced myself: Extrano was NOT GAY.

1. No one who knows what a hairdresser is would have that hairdo. Not gay.

2. "Sex is highly overrated"? Not gay.

3. Anyone gay guy who dresses like that would not have "taken years to figure out what they want". Not gay.

DC: I want a real Hero.


Anonymous said...

In my day we had to pretend. Actually this guy showed up around the time I started getting out of my "reading everything published" phase.

At least the Doom Patrol got a little kinky. And Changeling was hairy and green. There's the usual Batman and Robin or X-men as metaphor rants...

Justin Cognito said...

God, I don't think it's physically possible to agree much more.

I mean, yeah, we have Apollo and the Midnighter, but that's Wildstorm. There are no big-name active gay heroes at the major branches. DC has the Piper, and he's lucky if he can get cameos when he's not being fucked over by the Mirror Master, and Marvel- oh, right, Marvel killed their only active gay hero.

Scipio said...

Glad to hear it, Justin.

I've posted before the idea that Hero Cruz be linked to J'onn Jonnz as his sidekick. One of JJ's strengths is his adaptability and use of different powers, making him a good mentor for someone with the H Dial.

Plus, he and the H Dial have a history (at least, as it was explored in the fabulous "Silver Age" crossover of a few years ago)....

Moris said...

The dude is completely just, and there is no skepticism.
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