Friday, June 03, 2005

Batman Archive Volume 6

Because I approve so strongly of DC's Archive Volume Series, I hope to entice you to buy them by dangling little gems from them before you. Where else but, say, Batman Archive Volume, can you hope to savor quotes like:

"A metallic sound! Let's crash in!"
Batman, from Fowl Play.
When you're Batman, that's always your first reaction.

"The only place where it's June in January is Florida."
Robin, from Sing a Song of Villainy
Say it ten times and your head will start to throb. I read the story and I still don't understand it.

"Our work is very secret so you must agree to sever contact with the outside world and stay here for three years!"
From the Citadel of Crime.
I'm not sure who said it; I assume it's Joe Quesada.

"We were never pigmies at all!"
Batman, from Pigmies in Giantland.
Nothing gets past Batman!

"This statue will put the kibosh on you, snooper!"
Random thug from The Isle of Yesterday.
Wouldn't you love to talk that way at work, even just for one day?

"I'd better take the box down to the Army and Navy Post Office Inspectoscope!"

Batman, from The Box.
What, no Bat-Inspectoscope back at the cave?

Joe Travers, from The Underworld Surgeon
Well, it's not exactly "PAPERCLIP LOQUACIOUS JOURNEY", but it's still pretty good.

"Why should he say he whistled off key when he really whistled that sonata in the true key of C Major?"
Batman, from the Human Key
Did you know Batman had perfect pitch? It solves more crimes than you realize...!


Hate Filled Poster said...

"The only place where it's June in January is Florida."

He's saying it's hot in Florida in January, it's not.

Anonymous said...

It was indeed a sad day when words like "kibosh" dropped out of common usage.